WoT: The Rarest Crew Can Be Taken From Players Accounts!

Received in the “Convoy” mode (2016), when a place in the Barracks is vacated, they will be dismissed with compensation.
❗️ Place this crew in vehicles prior to 1.24.1 if you want to keep it.

* Unique UK crew (only unique faces and that’s it, 4 pieces).
This entire crew was sitting on a tier 1 tank “Lanchester Armored Car”. After the event, it was possible to retrain for any other British tank, or the crew was disembarked at the barracks after the end of this event.
The crew has no unique names (names were given randomly from the list of available ones), voice acting or zero skills.
There is no way to get a crew after the event and at the moment.
Once you dismiss them, you won’t be able to get them back.
This is one of the rarest crews.


8 thoughts on “WoT: The Rarest Crew Can Be Taken From Players Accounts!

  1. Oh, i remember this crew… It is in my Conway, that i hadn’t play in ages. By the way, the last guy resembles with the guy from Wheelers Dealers🤔

  2. Even if I got them in my barracks, they won’t leave since they’re a 5-skill crew by now or something.
    They’re in my SConq, btw.
    Which gets nerfed, btw.

  3. They are in my Cen 7/1 and had like 3 skill or something.
    the crew in the third pic resemble my teacher which is kinda funny for me

  4. Until this day never paid any specific attention to those guys, and only now found out, that I have divided them historically into 3 different tanks. 😀
    But at leat they are there with loads of perks, so no accidental conversion for me! 🙂

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