WoT: Welcome Polish Tank Destroyers!

Welcome the debut lineup of Polish tank destroyers with Update 1.24.1!
Agile and menacing, they boast unique shell mechanics, ensuring devastating strikes in close combat.

Discover the New Line: Tiers V–X

The branch comprises six researchable vehicles spanning Tier V to Tier X. Tiers V–VII will feature classic turretless TDs with traditional gameplay. However, Tiers VIII–X introduce innovative shell mechanics, enabling vehicles to deal maximum damage in close combat.

Maximize Damage With Star Tray Shells

The Polish Tier VIII–X TDs come armed with unusual deep-rifled guns. These guns enable them to fire star tray shells at incredible velocities. The Tier IX-X vehicles’ standard shell travels at 1,700 m/s, while the special one flies at 2,000 m/s. These shells are most effective within 50 meters, where they deliver maximum damage. However, their damage gradually decreases with distance, encouraging you to engage in close combat.

Vehicle Characteristics

Polish TDs Await Your Command!
Unleash the power of Polish tank destroyers and reign supreme on the battlefield!

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