WoT Crew Update April 2024: Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to my crews in the barracks with less than 100%?

All of your crews with less than 100% major qualification level will automatically be set to 100% regardless of whether they are in the Barracks or assigned to a vehicle.

Where will my accumulated Crew XP between 50% and 100% go? Will it be lost? Was my grind for nothing?

None of the accumulated XP will be lost. Collected Crew XP on crews between 50% and 100% will contribute to the total crew experience pool and is added to the currently trained perk.

What happens if a crew is not trained for their assigned vehicle? Will I still be able to fight in the vehicle with a penalty?

A crew assigned but not trained to a vehicle can still roll out into battle. However, they will not benefit from any perks until they are retrained for the vehicle.

How many battles or how much Crew XP does it take to negate the penalty from a perks reset if done for free?

You will lose 20% of your total crew experience. It will be a different amount of experience depending on how many perks you have trained. For example, resetting the first fully trained perk will result in losing 42,012 Crew XP, which is about 40 battles.

What happens to celebrity crew members like Arnold if they haven’t been assigned to a vehicle and are in the Barracks?

Celebrity and other special crews are unaffected by the changes and will not be dismissed.

Will I be able to change my crew from one role to another?

Yes—now this operation can be performed either for 20,000 credits with a perk efficiency penalty or for 200 gold without any penalty.

What happens to the perks of a crew member covering two roles if I move them into a tank where only some of the role-specific perks are required? Example: A Radio Operator/Gunner moves to a tank where they only utilize the Gunner perks.

If a crew member covers two positions in one vehicle, you will have the option to re-specialize while moving them to a new tank, and the perks are not reset. The Radio Operator perks will be disabled until you retrain the crew member back for a vehicle where both qualifications work.

The current update aims at quality of life improvements regarding crew operations. Interactions between perks and additional roles will receive improvements in the next crew update.

I have been playing this game for 13 years, and these changes will mess up the setup I worked so hard for. All my effort was for nothing. Why should I continue playing?

We very much appreciate your engagement and your hard work. If you take the time to go through the changes in detail, you will see that nothing of your progress is lost. You will keep all your XP, and all our effort was put into making the crew system more logical, accessible, and balanced for our players.

When are these changes going to happen? Is it possible to opt out of them?

The quality of life improvements will roll out with Update 1.24.1 and will be implemented on all servers. It is not possible to revert the update or opt out.

The new perk efficiency system is a bit unclear. Can you give a more specific example? What causes the % of perk efficiency to go up or down?

Perk efficiency only concerns retraining operations for free or for credits. They will result in a penalty to perks efficiency that can be removed by collecting Crew XP in the battles.

I want to take the time to go through the crews in my barracks before they are mass-dismissed. How long do I have the option to automatically clean up the barracks?

Once you log in after Update 1.24.1, you will have three months (90 days) to utilize the convert button and dismiss unwanted crew members for crew books. This operation is irreversible and can only be performed once. To enable this option, you have to log in before Update 1.25 is released.

Will I still be able to recruit crew members for free or for credits?

With the removal of major qualification levels, we have also removed the option to recruit crew members for credits or gold. You can now recruit fully trained crews for free.

Why is a percentage penalty applied to the efficiency of my crew when retraining for free or for credits? Aren’t all crews supposed to be 100% from now on?

From now on, crews will have two independent efficiency levels. Crew efficiency will never fall below 100%, but it can be improved, for example, with food consumables.

The perk efficiency level determines the effectiveness of perks and is only negatively affected when retraining for free or credits.

Isn’t adding a penalty for retraining crew members just another way to say they have a lower major qualification level? Doesn’t this contradict the point of this crew rework?

The new system removes penalties to a vehicle’s performance caused by a crew below 100%. This shift aims at leveling the playing field and prevents situations where a player with the same setup in the same vehicle can outperform another player because of different crew levels.

Improvements from perks are added bonuses to a vehicle and the crew. They are more specific and require tactical finesse, unlike a direct penalty to the vehicle’s performance. The new penalty system will affect your battle performance much less.

8 thoughts on “WoT Crew Update April 2024: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Training crews for gold (that is, real cash) just to get a tank to perform at standard level (what we call “100% qualification” now) should’ve never been a thing. Wish this change happened earlier but as they say, better late than never.

  2. I think from a wide perspective this is aiming for low tier tanks and new players who are moving between low tiers so they always get 100% and they most of the time have no perks

    For veterans nothing changed as I see it

    1. Because that what you were concern about closing some of gap…between New players and veterans/
      The changes mostly help jump start easier Newcomers further while people who already been playing get small improvement

  3. I don’t think that it was a coincidence that the roll out of this was timed for AFTER they shut down the forums…just a guess though.

    1. You can say that about every new thing that happens in WoT. If people try to do in the discord channel what they used to do in the forums (that is, whine all the time) they’ll just get muted or banned at record speed.

  4. This crew change is actually decent, we needed this since the launch of the game pretty much. And the only negative I can see, is that now the trick to lose no major skill and no perk levels, other than unassigned ones, when retraining to a new vehicle, is unapplicible. This means, you can’t have a workaround and you have to endure the reduced perk efficiency (unless you retrain for gold of course). Which makes retraining orders a lot more useless.

    I used to transfer all my 3+ perk crews to other vehicles after having used a retraining order, then changing the tank for credits and then assigning the crew skills again. Now, this won’t work, as I see it.

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