WoT: Join the Revamped Tour of Duty!

Tour of Duty is a clan-only activity with valuable rewards. Their goals can be reached by playing in Random Battles, in Strongholds, on Global Map, and in the Onslaught, Steel Hunter, and Frontline modes.

What’s New

Previously, Tour of Duty consisted of two-week Tours that offered various rewards for players and Industrial Resource for their clans. With Update 1.24.1, Tour of Duty became a permanent activitywithout bi-weekly resets, offering great benefits to those who play with clanmates.

  • The mechanics: revised and streamlined
  • The rewards: richer and more varied
  • The ultimate prize any player in a clan can obtain: the X Carro da Combattimento 45 t

The updated Tour of Duty will continue to provide Industrial Resource for your clan, but from now on the bulk of Industrial Resource will come from playing in Strongholds.

Even if your clan has two members, you can earn as much as anyone else in Tour of Duty. You just need to play together!

Don’t have a clan yet? Find one here!

Complete Tour Missions

Look for the new Tour Missions in the Tour of Duty section of the clan interface. Their key mechanics are as follows.

  • Three Tour Missions: available every day.
  • Alternative sets of conditions for every Tour Mission:
    • Playing in a Platoon or (for the first mission) solo, you must meet multiple conditions
    • Playing in a detachment (see below), you just need to win once!
  • Tour Mission 1 of the day: complete it solo, in a Platoon or a detachment (you still need to be a clan member).
  • Tour Missions 2 and 3 of the day: complete them in a Platoon or a detachment with at least one other member of your clan.
  • 1 of 1, 2 of 2, 3 of 3: The first Tour Mission can be completed once, the second one twice, and the third one three times per day. You must complete the second and the third Tour Mission of the day twice and thrice respectively to be able to claim their rewards.
  • Manual collection: Claim Tour Missions’ rewards in the Tour of Duty section of the clan interface.
  • Never forget: you can start completing the next day’s Tour Missions only after you claim the rewards for Tour Missions you completed the previous day.

A detachment is a:

  • Super Platoon in the Onslaught mode
  • Team in Skirmishes and Advances in Strongholds
  • Team in Global Map battles

The rewards for every Tour Mission are a moderate amount of Industrial Resource and Duty Points. You need Duty Points to advance in the Campaign.

Unlock Regions and Rewards

Move forward in the Tour of Duty Campaign by accumulating Duty Points and unlocking Regions. You are free to choose your own path! With each unlock, you will receive valuable rewards. The full roster of the prizes includes:

  • X Carro da Combattimento 45 t  with the “Proserpina” 3D style
  • 4 reward 2D styles: “Prophecy”, “Flame”, “Retribution”, and “Reaper”
  • Days of WoT Premium Account
  • 3 units of Experimental Equipment, plus components
  • Crew members
  • Personal Reserves and Combat Directives aplenty
  • Credits

Carro da Combattimento 45 t

The X Carro da Combattimento 45 t is a formidable force on the battlefield, featuring:

  • A 120-mm gun with a four-shell autoreloader(one-time damage is 400 points)
  • Solid frontal turret protection (the nominal armor thickness is 230 mm)
  • Decent mobility with a top forward speed of 55 km/h

All the Tour of Duty riches can be yours. Of course, the Campaign may be challenging for clan members playing solo. But if you join forces with your clanmates, you can progress with the speed of players from the top clans!

In the future, we are going to improve and expand the Tour of Duty further, so keep an eye on the news!

Join the Tour of Duty and reap the benefits, Commanders!

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  1. How many days we have to complete it? How many days is the minimum to complete all the missions?

          1. AFAIK the forum were shut down and merged with the NA onto Discord.

            As for the blocked website, the problem is on your side, I can access it without any fuss.

    1. April fool’s or not, news was aroud time, from patch note. Worse than Progetto and Lion. But anyway, always tier 10.

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