WoT: Ex-WG Employee Getting Boosted In The Maneuvers Clan Wars Event

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Let’s inject a bit of humor into the situation. On March 14th, the former Czech CM known as alesza received a boost from the Czech CC xpploader. I promptly reported this boosting incident to the current Czech CM, hopeful that appropriate action would be taken.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I refrained from making this post immediately. However, as it is now March 28th and rewards for the campaign can be claimed, it’s clear that Alesza remains in the alley of fame despite the boosting incident. Therefore, it seems appropriate to bring this matter to public attention. So, if anyone is considering getting a boost in the next campaign, it appears all you need to do is become a WG employee, because apparently, you can do whatever you want!

So the question to WG guys, why did you ignored that?

P.S. xpploader even streamed the incident on Twitch, yet there have been no repercussions.

UPDATE: Xpploader was kicked from CC program because of this (confirmed by sstyx)

9 thoughts on “WoT: Ex-WG Employee Getting Boosted In The Maneuvers Clan Wars Event

  1. War Gaming is such wuss company. They own the game and guilty of and known to do the following: 1) Boosting AKA Game Rigging Cheating. 2) Special MM for Special Ass Kissers. 3) Selling and updating Cheats such as War Pack & other known cheats. 4) Selling and/or renting/leasing and/or giving special player, customers, employees, & guests to old dormant accounts for rigging and cheating. This all fits with the greedy money grubbing mentality off this company.

  2. Those pieces of WG turds not only rig arselicker to get boosts and better, they also fuck you sideways when you are a good player.
    Over the last 3 years my WR has dropped continuously, no slow down, no getting back, I don’t use a single mod, and don’t give a flying duck about W8 or making my tanks. Yet every new game is worse than the previous, my RNG is not 25% its 75%, it takes me a 4th shot or of a full aim to hit a bloody tank after shooting the ground twice and the birds.
    I have gathered data over 2k games, in tiers 8 I’m 60% of the time facing tiers 9 and 10, 15% same tiers and 25% top tiers sharing 7 and 6.
    In tiers 7 you just forget it, 5% top tier vs 5/6, 7% vs 6 and 80% vs 8 and 9.

    So yes they boosts some and make sure to bring down your W/R down toward their pathetic 48%.

    The game is dead, the clan wars are pathetic.
    The events are dumb
    The tanks are unrealistic and unfun

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