WoT Supertest: Crusher

The Crusher is a Premium Tier VIII British heavy tank. This vehicle with a unique appearance is bulky and sluggish and is best suited for close-quarters fighting.

The Crusher’s weight of over 70 tons impacts its dynamics and overall mobility, limiting the base top forward speed to 24 km/h. But one can immediately tell where all that extra weight went: the Crusher has solid frontal turret and hull protection (with nominal armor thickness of up to 230 mm). The notable exceptions are four weak cupolas and a vulnerable lower plate.

The true gem of this heavy tank is its main armament. The state-of-the-art 108-mm OQF 55-pdr gun is similar to that of the Turtle Mk. 1 offers an excellent combination of damage per minute (2,538 points on average), penetration (230 mm with the basic and 260 mm with the special round), and accuracy (0.37). The one-time damage equals 330 points.

Overall, this slow heavy is perfect for defense and for any intense brawls it can get into.

11 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Crusher

  1. the joke that wargaming has become
    its seen that WOT RU
    its doing far the better job
    ‘sadly this dogshit company its done with world of tanks and all they want to do is to make you all pay to win
    World Of Tanks its dead

      1. I was thinking the same thing but there was an actual mock-up of the damn thing in real life.

  2. I would not play this tank even if i would get it for free. And if would be forced to play it, i would play it with a paper bag on my face to hide my shame.

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