World of Tanks 2.0 Rumors (Patch 2.0)

⚡️Since last year, WG has been developing World of Tanks 2.0 (Big update “None”).

Pam, pam, pam.

Latest game update, adjustment ±25, tier 11 tanks? You are behaving badly, so we won’t say anything for now.


47 thoughts on “World of Tanks 2.0 Rumors (Patch 2.0)

  1. if 2.0 will be just as fantastic as 1.0 then it is the game’s last update because there is not much lower world of tanks can go

      1. Yer… and the source for that information came from WoT Express. The same people now saying WoT 2.0 is coming

      2. dont take anything you read here seriously. weather forecasters are right more times than the “leaks” here

  2. People behaving badly so you wont say anything for now? Like wtf you think you are? What do you think you are doing? Saying certain things that gonna happen anyways.. so you think you are doing a massive and important job? LOL thats pathetic. Dear WoT Express, you know there is a saying… “go f…” Have a nice day 🙂

  3. Dont worry, this game will end up like CS soon enough…ask Steam how much that is taking in for them….

  4. You don’t have to publish everything. Especially if the leak has no content. This does not speak for the quality of your own content.

    1. I like how they still keep the weirdly translated Russian phrases lol. The quality of TAP articles are comically awful now.

      1. It is like a bot who is copy, translat and past articels wirhout quality check.
        Maybe i should only ask chatgpt for news of wot. Quality would be not worse

        1. I know that ChatGPT can write helluva lot better articles than people running TAP ever could

  5. Every wot express prediction has been correct so mock all you like but it’s the truth we tell.

  6. Yes, we need modern tanks, yes we need more tanks.
    We had enough fake BS and recycled SAME tanks.
    Don’t mess with the original recipe, just add more levels and more tanks. I’ll rather grind 15.000.000 HP for a new tank than play tier 10’s now…

      1. Given there is no end-game goal for solo players you can simply expand the techtrees up until tier 15+ or so. You’re grinding in any way. And instead of adding non-sensical prototypes and fantasy tanks just add some real ones.

        And dont forget the maps!!!

  7. Basically there is nothing new in terms of content for WOT, no matter the number. WG is no longer actively developing WOT. Its all about loot boxes, BP collabs, auctions, etc. Just cashing out and milking the whales, while wasting actual development resources on still born/new projects like CW. We will only get more fictional premium tanks in WOT, and play them on the tired stale trash turbo Randoms forever. How a 12 year old game still has a single standard mode is beyond me.

  8. I only play frontline and they only allow that for 4 weeks in a whole year.
    I’m looking at my hard drive and thinking the 42Gb wot is becoming a waste of space.

    1. Same here. I only play Frontline. I took off WOT from my SSD years ago, as it no longer deserves to reserve space on it for 4 weeks a year worth of play. It now resides on a HDD, where I have no shortage of space anyway.

  9. Well… this “You are behaving badly, so we won’t say anything for now” is an answer both expactable and understandable. What… after all the Russophobia given towards the people working at WoT Express, you expected something different?! Hopefully, it will just be a clickbait or fake-news and nothing more.

    WoT is a long living MMO that has seen a lot of changes, many good, but the majority of them detrimental to the playerbase and the in-game environment. Every WoT lover has been expected some decent changes, like nerfing OP premium tanks, buffing tech-tree ones, reworking the RNG mechanic, +2 battles etc. After all, the hope dies last! However… didn’t it happen so far, why would WG address these issues right now, especially with that new kid on the block, aka CW Project. CW Project has new modern tanks, like Abrams, and the ATGM mechanic. Are you gonna keep playing the Maus and get farmed by arta and gold spammers when you can switch to the new title? Don’t think so!

    PS People who own the OP premium tanks and not wishing them to get nerfed… despite having paid for them, lack empathy. So… you don’t want nerfs because you pay for them with your real-life money and that’s totally understandable, believe me. On the other hand, if a premium tank gets buffed, nobody complains about that, despite the changes to the INITIAL parameters you paid for! What is this? Hypocrisy, double standards, you name it! Moreover, it rejects other players from investing their money into the game, a deadly thing on long term!!

    The paying customers should have their opinions listened to more, yes, understanble, because they keep WoT alive. Nonetheless, downgrading the health status inside the game and not addressing the current issues by WG, because they may get sued in court, this is terrible! Sooner or later, because of that, the game will die and it will be too late to save the sinking ship…

    Really don’t care if I may get insulted. This is the naked truth and I came up with arguments! 😀

    1. Hello there , my pro russian …. “friend”. When will enlist to fight for russia in Ukraine? 😈

      1. when will you enlist to fight russia in ukraine? never? then shut your romanian cleptomanic ass up

        1. Oh look, another pro russian hypocrite . Nice to know you, bud😈. Or are you perhaps my “friend” Wardaddy , but with other nick ? 😁

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            1. Being hypocrite has anything to do with being pro russian bot, because ” wHy dOn’T YoU EnLisT tO fIgHt fOr UkRaInE?” is their usual shaming tactic, especially of my “friend” Wardaddy, and he gets mad when i apply it to him, because guess what, it works both ways. By the way, where are you from? I just want to know whom i’m dealing .

    2. People don’t want premiums to be nerfed because they want OP stuff to play with, the “but I paid real money for this” excuse is just hot air. One can check all the times WG attempted to nerf OP premiums – they never managed to due to backlash from the owners.

      WG is guilty of many things, but certain groups in the community are just as guilty.

  10. If the worst problem in my life was the state of a certain computer game that did wildly better than anyone might have expected I’d be a happy man.

  11. So WoT Express ‘leaked’ that WoT is closing in 2025, but are also now saying that WoT 2.0 is coming? Fucking wild that WoT E even gets screen time here

    1. Its like a big misunderstanding. Moveing a product into maintenance mode doesnt mean it is closing. It just means that around 2025 (maybe 1,5 years from now) they will drag out ressources and just keep it running without adding new big content and changes to mechanics etc.

      1. Player base should be expected to contract moderately. Who wants to play a game in “maintenance mode”? A fair less than play this game today.

  12. Obviously this is crew changes as already told earlier last month by WG.
    Do you wankers have the memory of autists??

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