WoT: Error with the Premium Status of the T 54D tank from the Emerald Boxes

The T 54D tank has been assigned the status of a premium vehicle (additional earnings of credits, experience, as well as the opportunity to earn coupons). A visual display of the tank’s premium status will appear later.


All owners who received it before the release of the fix will receive compensation in the form of: 100 bonds, 300,000 credits and 2 personal reserves: +300% to experience after server maintenance.

T 54D was initially tested as a promotional tank and this was a mistake by the developers. We’ll wait for the micropatch.

12 thoughts on “WoT: Error with the Premium Status of the T 54D tank from the Emerald Boxes

  1. Hello, i need help. Yesterday on Mannerheim Line i killed a Type 58 that was capping my base one second before he could fully cap using my Cromwell. My allied KV-2 and O-I players helped me kill the rest of the team and we won the match after destroying 4 enemy vehicles each.

    Today i tried to log-in but neither my password nor my email work and i can’t log-in into my World of Tanks email account neither, and i saw both my KV-2 and O-I allies claiming their accounts got stolen. Could that Type 58 player steal our accounts as a revenge after that Wotlabs leak? And what can i do, as i see my account is being played and i can’t enter it to claim it back?

    1. Write support ticket to wg. If you can’t log in try creating another account and report stolen acc.
      Or write on WG Discord and try to get help there.

      1. I wrote them on Discord and they said nothing could be done. Also i wrote a ticket some hours ago and the response i got is that i should post all the purchase comprobants i got of premium products, but my account is F2P like my KV-2 and O-I allies and i can’t apport the conprobants as i never bought any product. So, is my account stolen and lost forever?

        1. If you never made any purchare (aka locked your personal information to the account) there is literally nothing to be done. My friend lost his 7yo beta acc when he got closed out of the email he registered it with in the same manner. No purchase = no proof of identity.

          1. But my account is being used by another person as it shows it’s having battles albeit the password and email address fot changed. So, i lost my account forever? If yes, as i will refuse to play this game anymore, which other online games with this playstyle exist?

            1. Yes, it is lost forever. There is no other game exacly like WoT. If you want another tanking game, WarThunder and Armored Warfare is the best bet. If you’re willing to abandon tanking and only focus on the style, others will pop in: World of Warships, Crossout, Dreadnought, MechWarrior Online, etc…

      1. I had a Twitch account linked to the World of Tanks account but it got stolen as well as it had the same email address as the World of Tanks account. So, guess that as Wargaming has so poor management of accounts (and i had Two Factor Autentification enabled but i got no warning of someone enteri g my account) i will have to play other games.

    2. Hi I hope it will help you.

      The way I got back my old account (this year, not outdated method) send ticket to WG that you forgot your new mail and password and tell them to restore it to the previous one.

      When I did this they didn’t create any problems for me. Just simply resored the log ins to the previous ones.

      After that (if you succeed I wish you well) I recommend you to change your password and email also bind it with your mobile phone number. Also if you really like your account it won’t be a bad idea to buy something as cheap as possible and save the mail for the future 😉

      Hope that will help 🙂

      1. WG told me via a new account that they can’t change the email and password to the back ones as:
        -The password could be compromised as they had a data leak some days ago so they refuse to revert the password change.
        -The email can’t be changed as the person who stole my account sent a ticket before i sent mine about scams and they don’t trust me.

        I am really sure that the person who stole my account and my allied KV-2 and O-I accounts is that Type 58 player from the Mannerheim Line match as he sent me a message in the garage telling me that he would teach us a lesson. The KV-2 and O-I players also reported on Reddit that someone stole their accounts too and they can’t recover it even when they made a lot of purchases. So, WG’s security and two factor autentication work for nothing?

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