WoT Supertest: Mannerheim Line, Mountain Pass, (2nd iteration) — Changes on maps |1.24.1 patch

Mountain Pass, Mannerheim Line (2nd iteration) — Changes on maps | Supertest 2024 [1.24.1 patch]Mountain Pass, Mannerheim Line (2nd iteration) — Changes on maps | Supertest 2024 [1.24.1 patch]

There have been no edits on the maps for a very long time and here are a few of them (all mapmakers are now busy with CW). In total this year there will be at least 2 packs of cards with changes.

The changes are planned to be released in WoT patch 1.24.1. These changes were put into supertest on February 8 and 22.

1. Map “Mountain Pass”.

• The number of bushes at the lower base has been significantly reduced. In addition, the hill next to the spawn has become wider and flatter.

This allowed us to move the starting points of vehicles in this area and improve overall timings on the map. Attacking this base from the glacier is now more advantageous thanks to a modified slope that offers more tactical options.

• The position of the rock in the center (near the river) near the main impact point has been changed in order to provide additional vantage points and shootouts for the lower (south) team.

• The position that gave the top team (as opposed to the bottom team) advantageous shooting lines across the glacier is blocked. Sometimes this position became a potential trap, requiring change.

• The height of the hills in the center of the map has been slightly adjusted to equalize the capabilities of the teams.

2. Map “Mannerheim Line” (2nd iteration).

• Changes along the coast include the addition of new positions that should make access to the standoff zone safer.

• The shore topography has been changed to make it easier to get out of the water and reduce the likelihood of equipment flooding.

• The bushes in the corner near the top base have been moved closer to the red line to make it easier to spot the enemy there.


12 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Mannerheim Line, Mountain Pass, (2nd iteration) — Changes on maps |1.24.1 patch

  1. Hats down, the addressed issues are what makes both of the maps annoying to play on. Props to the map-making department for these changes!

  2. Hell no for mannerheim line the only good part is removed and the problem that one side cant cross to heavy line and the other big problem is the med line compöete useless – rework for med line would be awesome but this shit kills the death map complete.

    Great the changes has 100 downvotes on Wot DC and only few updvotes gg

  3. both of those maps should be fucking removed, they are beyond salvation. if they could remove a more than playable map like stalingrad i dont see the point in keeping corridor pass or that fucking dogshit mannerheim

      1. Why not both? Dont tell me they cant produce maps and fix the old ones at the same time? How many people are working in this company? 3, 4? Pathetic.

  4. Fuck this they’ve only done this for lamb ass heavy tank players with their 43% win rate.
    If you find this map “difficult” they you are a useless cúnt.

    1. What are you talking about? Being a heavy spawning in the south base in Mannerheim Line is absolutely horrendous. You have to literally dance along the slippery slopes to push towards Northern base and if you slip in to the water you’re screwed. If they spot you while crossing the gap you’re screwed. If you’re in a heavy with no gun depression you’re screwed. It’s about goddamn time they fix it.

  5. Mines, how about that fucking map, 10 years over it’s broken, North bear has priority to take over the hill, still not changed…
    Tundra South base gets spotted and hammered when pushing the hill north base enjoys a little hike in the mountain side…
    10 games tonight rotation is pathetic, twice are same map on two occasions, or of 40+ maps!! WTF…

    Bring back all maps, ALL… even dragon ridge, and even Kursk and Minsk (since Ukrainians and Russians still enjoy playing the game rather than killing one another) and improve rotations, that makes 60 bloody maps, 2 sides, 120 combinations, enough to bring some life back in that dying game

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