12 thoughts on “WoT: Perpetual Battle Pass Calculator (Google Sheet)

  1. It is possible to understand a criminal, but to fully comprehend some tankers’ actions – unreal… Do you think we are idiots? Playing wot every day… your roof is completely gone!

    1. shut up peasant. the soviet propaganda wants you stupid or inactive! stop it! let the people be stupid and pay a lot of money for this shit!

  2. If Frontline was a standard mode, I can probably care to complete the BP. I can’t be bothered to play Randoms no matter what the rewards are at this point. The game is so stale. WG doesn’t want to develop any new content to play, like game modes and such. Instead we get these idiotic colabs and monetization.

    1. I like Frontlines occasionally to farm credits in a relaxing way as honestly it’s a completely braindead mode, no thinking required. It rewards skill even less than randoms do. It’s a fun distraction but would be horrible as the main mode.

      1. No one is asking for Randoms to be replaced, just add Fl for those who have been playing Randoms since 2011 and are tired of playing the same Randoms, specially in their current 15v3 turbo form. And I am sorry, Randoms are completely trash nowadays. Each small map has 3 corridors and the match is over after first engagement resulting in 2-8/8-2 followed by cleanup. Randoms used to be more strategic in the olden days, but nowadays they are wham bam, thank you next match after 3 mins.

  3. There is some kind of formula error in cell B13.
    In B12 you put 7-Mar-2024 and in B13 you get 29-Mar-1900. Breaks the table.
    What am I doing wrong?

    1. B13 should be formatted as a number not a date, change it and it will work. I changed to a different date format and accidentally included that cell. ( Fixed on the original if you don’t know how, just redownload)

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