WoT Express: Biggest Leaking Source Forced To Close?

Not so long ago, a strange post appeared on WOT Express, which probably indicates its closure.

A few months ago, they closed their Mir Tankov leaking group, and since then, there haven’t been any Supertest Screenshots/Leaks from Mir Tankov. Only official information from Lesta is available.

Quoting from another source:

Ahahaha some kind of ruffles on the express train. Oh, we are so poor, they are strangling us so much, they are closing the public pages one by one

WOT | MT Chat
it’s not a joke about being strangled, we have 3 bans on VK and more screenshots of the game We don’t post there

Seemingly recently, WG and Lesta, for some reason, have started to take information flow very seriously. Given their flawed perspective on their products, it’s easy to understand why they no longer wish to be public about everything. It’s sad to see how out of touch these game companies have become with their audience and how the perception of the game is slowly declining in their players’ eyes.

30 thoughts on “WoT Express: Biggest Leaking Source Forced To Close?

  1. The perception of the game is RAPIDLY declining and has been in the players eyes. The game has become a dumpster fire of bots, pay-to-play boosting and the game content itself is crap now. Lets face it….the game has “jumped the shark”.

  2. this game has been ass since 0.9.18. thats when they introduced arty stun, and then became even worse with 1.0, since then the map designs are simpler and worse than the average fucking 3 lane cod map, game balance, the same hulldown meta ever since, and the fact that you dont need even a thousand battles to reach tier 10 as a completely new player absolutely fucked this game in the ass, and i cant wait till they release project cw so it can fail in half a year

    1. Dude, you’re seeing it all wrong. Probably blinded by your own bias. Project CW will not kill WoT. The proof of that is the performance of the OnSlaught mode which is by far the closest thing to PCW in current WoT. And it’s failing to get a hold on the majority of the players.

  3. Good, after their “WG is closing WoT in 2025” i cant sell a single account.

    1. The persons who was Leading Wot express finally got caught for repeatedly breaking NDAs and stopped insider trading of information by WG staff. Same person who falsely claims game is closing like every year and every other weeks BZ 176 going to sales.

  4. “Ahahaha some kind of ruffles on the express train. Oh, we are so poor, they are strangling us so much”

    I had a stroke from reading that Google Translated comment, holy shit.

  5. If you want to sell an account you better do it this year. You see account values have DROPPED significantly over the last 2 years. Accounts with 279e,chief, carrot, etc etc etc arent worth a couple hundred bux if your lucky.

      1. You’re the one missing the point.
        pcw will and is popular with the type of new customer that wG want. And that is not the wot player.
        Once pcw takes off then wot will go into maintenance mode

    1. Same here. For a long time, the only fun mode in WOT for me is Frontline. I started playing in 2011, and can’t believe that WG never developed more standard modes in game despite 12+ years of release. FL is far superior to the current 15v3 turbo Randoms, played on small corridor maps designed for the game in 2011. WG can try and develop more game modes, maybe bring the CW game modes to WOT, or further develop variations of FL as a standard mode, anything to freshen up the game, but sadly WG just wants to market to whales and squeeze whatever money they can with minimal effort.

  6. I’m 100% convinced their leaker went to Lesta. As after the split they seem to guess and miss as much as the rest of us. And the leaks they got right like the auction list was due how they announce things differently on the SEA server.

      1. Same Russian WoT Express group that kept trying scare WOT NA/EU/ASIA playerbase away…saying game is closing…

        It backfire it looks like Russian War funded Lesta WOT is struggling more

        1. When Russia threatened with sanctions on people who bought the Ukraine deals on WoWS? xD

        2. Typical Russian hater from Europe that should have gone in ukr to fight…

          WoT has been dying for some years due to crappy RNG, trash balancing and tier 8 OP stupid tanks, especially in Frontline, where it’s full of premiums! I switched to War Thunder and I have felt so much better in the last 2 months!

              1. Eh.. he is the vatnik assigned to this blog. He is here just to earn a dishonest buck .

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