If there’s anything WoT needs to copy from WoWS, it’s this feature

World of Warships is no stranger to players complaining to skins that removes their “immersion” and “historical accuracy” in the game. Especially when they added anime collabs, man, the vitriol some players had that time was just insane.

So WoWS devs added this menu years ago, in which players can select which non-historical skins/camouflages are visible or not. WoT must copy this feature, as the solution to the dilemma of turning off nonhistorical skins players hate, but without rendering whatever collab skins they liked invisible.

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12 thoughts on “If there’s anything WoT needs to copy from WoWS, it’s this feature

    1. The easiest solution is minding your own business instead of telling others how to have fun.

      Derogatory terminology is just as futile as anything else behind a meaningless online account.

  1. I’d rather see a backbone implemented to easily switch between different garages in WoT like they got for ports in WoWS. Imagine having more than one garage to pick from!

  2. AND I would like to see the compliment system go give a good play(er) a +1

    Maybe this would take out 1% toxicity of WOT

  3. This feature would be INCREDIBLY helpful:

    To avoid the horrors of seeing some of the camo patterns in existence / crazy paint patterns some players put on their tanks, many of us select only “Historical” in the settings menu. The problem with that is now we don’t know if a player is too lazy or inexperienced to be bothered with putting camo on their tanks ( and thereby probably a lower skilled player ) or not. For those of us who don’t use add-ons like XVM, while counting into a battle, the visual clue helps tell us what we might expect in the upcoming battles from our allies. During the battle, the presence of a camo pattern on an enemy tank also gives some clue if they are a veteran or a lesser skilled player.

    Beyond just avoiding certain camo / paint styles taking away from the otherwise amazing quality of the graphics in-game, having the ability to disable certain camo patterns ( especially if it also allows you to select some default historical pattern to replace it ) would be VERY helpful to those of us who don’t use add-ons!

    1. If the devs can’t even feed the matchmaker useful parameters, you really expect them to implement such complicated stuff???

    2. Amazing in-game graphics??
      The graphics are shit. Like seriously.
      How wot graphics are now it’s how games were like 10 years ago.

  4. Except this feature hides SHIPS, not camos. For example, “ARP Myoko” is completely separate ship from Myoko (just like Nomad or Mars are completely separate tanks in WoT). By unchecking “Arpeggio” in this tab, player would be unable to see ARP Myoko in port and play it.

  5. The onlt good thing coming out of TMNT stupid collab is that the main playerbase seems to be aligned into keeping WOT as a different game than Fortnite, and if this kind of features are implemented

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