WoT: New Collector Achievements System

In the last video of the Roadmap for 2024, we were shown the Achievements system. It is mainly aimed at collectors. Especially for collectors of equipment and customization. A feature that collectors themselves have been waiting for a long time. Although all this looks beautiful, in reality it is not enough at all (and this is to put it mildly!) to fully appreciate the contribution of such players.

Therefore, we decided to think a little about what else could be added besides the already announced achievement functionality.


This is the most important thing for this type of player. 2D styles – seriously? Can we get some more decals?
At a minimum, we need unique 3D styles for equipment that they essentially cannot handle, i.e. for collectible and some promotional level 10 tanks. Patches could also be an interesting option. Animated tokens are an interesting and new reward, and if they remain unique to achievements, they will be valued among players. But we know that this will not be a unique reward…

However, the best reward for a collector is the equipment itself. This type of reward is popular in various games where, for example, Mounts are collected, as in World of WarCraft. There, for collecting mounts, they give you more mounts, they are not exactly unique, but they also please the players. For example, you can pass it off as a certain amount of pumped equipment – collectible. Not premium, but such equipment is also valued among collectors and in this way it is possible to introduce not the most popular tanks into the game. The same applies to “golden” tanks. For a certain number of golden tanks, one could issue a premium or promotional tank as a unique reward. Not the best in terms of performance characteristics, but valuable in its own way. WoT collectors value even tier 2-3 tanks.


At the moment the interface looks normal, but it can be improved. Players probably want something like an encyclopedia that will show all the possible tanks and customization that could be earned in the game. This way, the target audience will know which tank or customization they missed, and what else they can get in the future. At the moment, when players encounter a rare tank, they don’t even know what they could get it for and whether they can get it now/in the future. The achievements screen can become a kind of base and motivation for new players in the future.


Overall this is a good feature for both old and new players. Old players will always be helped to have the maximum number of achievement points, and new players will be motivated to buy or receive new premium and upgradeable tanks. But the feature, as always, comes out crude, and in the future no one will refine it, but will simply abandon it (after all, it does not bring money to WG).
And whether it is necessary in this form for current active WoT pixel collectors is a big question (it is not necessary).

source: WOT Express


8 thoughts on “WoT: New Collector Achievements System

  1. – We: We need more Maps and a rework of MM.
    – WG: Here you are. What you asked for: The collector achievement system.

    1. looks like we need to do reverse psychology… so next time we ask WG for the absolut bullshit and get the things we actual want.

  2. Clearly what this game needs is not a hefty amount of balancing to curb pay2win and such, it’s more statistics counters for people to wank at (like WN8 and MoE).

    Well done WG, well done.

  3. where’s my free sht if I get good awards from this? Otherwise, fix the parts of the game and stop bloating the code with this mess……

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