9 thoughts on “WoT Express: March Loot Boxes 2024 Leak

    1. It means “i can’t be arsed to get content from ruZZian sources properly translated for my readers because i only care for sponsored posts”.

  1. so much time has passed since the last gambling event, i dont even know how the fucking retards who actively take part in them could survive without some lootboxes this long

  2. Well, it might be a simple translation thing.
    Режимом can also mean routine or mode.
    Ergo, it can be read as “1 new tank as per usual”.
    In which case it doesn’t sound as stupid anymore.

  3. I guess, this year we will have montly Lootboxes! That’s so generous of WG to provide us with the opportunity to gamble in their Lootbox Casino Deluxe! It makes me wanna buy 700 of them!

    Jokes aside… for real? Lootboxes every month now? What’s next – casual weekend lootboxes?

  4. Week at least they got this right using the word Sham in the title.
    However, a shamrock is a 3 leaf clover not a 4 leaf clover….so shambolic wg as always.

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