Devastating news. Mighty Jingles announced he was diagnosed with cancer in his recent Mingles With Jingles

Please go and support him. He needs the community ❤️. Get healthy Jingles, the world needs you

Mingles with Jingles Episode 517 - It's Been A Rough Week...Mingles with Jingles Episode 517 – It’s Been A Rough Week…


14 thoughts on “Devastating news. Mighty Jingles announced he was diagnosed with cancer in his recent Mingles With Jingles

  1. I’ll tell you this much. This man kept me in WoT. Him and Circonefexes. Golden era of WoT. I hope he pulls thru. Jingles is a perfect example of what kind of a community “leader” WoT had to have.

  2. You can beat this Jingles! Medical science has come so far so fast things once considered fatal are now treatable.

    Here’s to a complete remission and many healthy and happy years to come!

  3. People make jokes about getting a colonoscopy all the time; this is why it’s no joke. Fingers crossed for the man’s health.

  4. For some reason half of the old people I know in real life all started getting cancer ever since late 2021. 🤔

    1. Quite a few viral diseases increase long-term carcinogenic load and consequently, increase the incidence of cancer. HPV is an especially notable example of viral infections increasing cancer risk.

      There’s currently some data that suggests that covid is weakly mutagenic (IE. increases carcinogenic load) though long-term sudies obviously aren’t available for a disease so new. Historically, other coronaviruses such as SARS and MERS have been known as weakly carcinogenic as well.

      It wouldn’t be altogether too surprising if exposure to the virus was a potential factor in getting cancer, in other words.

      Jingles specifically has other risk factors as well. He’s a smoker and drinks alcohol. Both are significant risk factors as well. Hope he overcomes the cancer and corrects some of the risky habits.

  5. golden era of wot were some jackfucks like this gold fart laughting about some old fart mechanics
    thats what was it
    So i hope he realy gets trought it, i wish nobody truly and meaningfuly to get cancer
    only arty players

  6. I watched the video. So basically he wants our donations so he can buy his house so he can leave it to Rita and his two cats.
    Rita being his leech fantasy girl friend.
    I hope the guy gets better but that’s what life insurance is for…

    1. I always thought Jingles was a queerosexual like his friend who died them both being in the navy and all…

  7. Sorry to hear this if you read this Jingles. Just a reassurance that the FIT test as it is known here is not a test for bowel cancer, it is a test for blood in your motions necessitating further testing (colonoscopy) to exclude Bowel Cancer. Frankly your diabetes is only an issue if you don’t manage it appropriately. Wish you well nevertheless and hope things turn out okay.

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