WoT RU Assembly Shop: SU-122V

SU-122V (USSR, Tier-10, TD, clip for 4 shells, promotional)Don’t miss the opportunity to get a SU-122V, unusual for the Soviets, with a unique numbered 3D style “Cottonmouth”.

For the first time in the “Assembly Shop” you can use Premium account days as a resource!

About the event

The Assembly Shop will be open from February 27, 7:00 (Moscow time) to March 3, 23:59 (Moscow time).

You can get to the Assembly Shop through the “checkbox” under the “Battle” button.

Please note: the event may end early if players collect all the equipment.

  • Main awards:  XSU-122V  and 3D  Cottonmouth style with individual numbers.
  • Only 120,000 tanks will be available for assembly.
  • The first  ~40,000  players will receive not only a Tank, but also a unique 3D style. Numbers will be assigned to Tanks sequentially, from smallest to largest.
  • Once all tanks with the style are collected, another 80,000  vehicles will become available in standard configuration until the end of the event or until the end of the event.
  • Use various resources to build a tank –  free experience, gold, fragments of drawings, bonds and credits, as well as days of a Premium account.  You decide for yourself what resources and how much to invest.

Combine and spend resources in different proportions

To get the SU-122V into your hangar, you can invest the following resources:

9 thoughts on “WoT RU Assembly Shop: SU-122V

  1. I wonder if they will release this to the EU and NA servers, it would have been better than the Obj 452k IMO.

  2. I am annoyed they changed the same tank to have completely different guns, parameters and tier across servers. Just make a new tank wth another name or something or give it a gun name designation. Now I want the tier 10…

    1. Wot ru is totally different entity. Like wot china Vs wot Asia. Not quite the same as just different servers

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