WoT Supertest: Types of Gun Barrels In Polish Tanks

New and interesting Guns can be seen at tier 8-10 of the future PT branch Poland. They look interesting, we admit. The new mechanics of guns with deep grooved barrels showed us at least 4 types of guns. You can see all of them in order in the screenshots below. It is noteworthy that two tanks with different calibers have similar gun muzzles. We are talking about tanks: SDP 58 Kilana (tier 8) with a 162mm gun and NC 70 Błyskawica (tier 10) with a 175mm gun.Despite the fact that the SDP 60 Gonkiewicza (tier 9) with the same 175mm gun has a completely different type of muzzle.
The same can be seen between tier 8 and 9.

(Guns on the screenshots are indicated on the left)



4 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Types of Gun Barrels In Polish Tanks

  1. The riflings of the stock gun on the tier 8 and the top gun on tier 9 are unusable, if we were to convert these tanks to real-life vehicles. So, I think WG should stick to the NC-70’s appearance – this rifling is what makes sense.

  2. What’d be funny is if the gun barrels were actual designs at some point.
    It’s quite obvious why they wouldn’t have left the drawing board or test phase. But still awesome looking. I hope wot actually models the shell slowing down.

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