WoT: 4th Assembly Shop Results

All 80,000 Object 452K tanks with and without a unique numbered 3D style were sold out at 16:34 (GMT+3). It took the players almost 2 days to do this. The previous tank (Kampfpanzer 07 P(E), 75,000 units) was sold out for 7 days.

0/40,000 with 3D style
0/40,000 without 3D style

12 thoughts on “WoT: 4th Assembly Shop Results

    1. IKR, I planned on throwing resources at it from my stockpile and couldn’t be bothered…

      Guess I’ll get a “random survey” from WG about this one like some other dud events I skipped!

  1. WG must be laughing their asses off the fools thatr spend all they have for this one tank they will play maybe couple dozen of times.GG you get the game you deserve.

  2. I wish I could go back in time and get the KPz… Now I have to hope that in August we will have a FUN assembly shop tank.

  3. too much of po(o)p fell on heads of WG in the forums…so they discontinued its original form and substitute something where you have to have another account to log in…FFS… business….milk the cow

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