WoT: Object 452K Final Parameters

Object 452K (USSR, Tier-10, HT, promotional).

• Dispersion during movement (max.): from 0.18 (6.30) to 0.18 (7.20)
• Max. forward speed: from 35 to 40 km/h
• Max. reverse speed: from 15 to 17 km/h
• Engine power: from 750 to 880 hp
• Specific power: from 13.64 to 16.00 hp/t
• Stationary vehicle camo: from 17.95% to 8.04%
• Stationary vehicle camo after a shot: from 3.23% to 1.23%
• Stealth of a vehicle in motion: from 8.95% to 4.05%
• Stealth of a vehicle in motion after a shot: from 1.61% to 0.62%
• Penalty to invisibility when fire: from 47.30% to 21.20%

• Fixed the mismatch between the actual and expected gun mantlet thickness in the Object 452K. The armor has been improved to match the planned values: from 1 layer of 300mm to 2x300mm gun mantlet

edit: WG again over complicated stuff and made the gun mantlet 1x400mm

20 thoughts on “WoT: Object 452K Final Parameters

    1. i dont know how ppl get those 200$? Its 40k gold if you pay… 131,60€ or 141$.
      Never play the game so earn free EP… absolut trash talker, probably the redline enjoyer….

        1. Pre hlupákov 180 a pre chytrých, čo majú goldy z Vianoc a free exp po konverzii pri kurze 40:1 oveľa menej… Ty sa kam radíš?

    2. Literally braindead. I only see buffs there.
      No one in their right mind would think „oh no they nerfed my camo in my soviet Facehug tank but buffed armor and speed. That is bad“
      How braindead you have to be, how retarded? Classical mouthbreather of TAP. Probably also thinks that wot-ru is better and wot will shut down in 2025.

    1. Is not free. I have 1.100.000 free XP, but i not consider it like a top easy currency, because gained with my time. For absurd, worth me more pay with euro (that means just a couple of hours of my time, than XP, that mean a lot of hours spent in game). WG know that time is best currency. You can say that Wg eat with money, not with time. But think that time on game train real currency: Tanks, camo, loot box….will have not value in money if player spend few time in game or server are empty. You dont trusth on me? See NA or RU server prices, premiums shop or event rewards……..

        1. You said mongoloid as if it were an insult.
          Let’s say it is, and a lot.
          There’s only one thing worse than a mongoloid: a clown who talks nonsense.
          Since you don’t even deserve an explanation, don’t read the answer, it’s for everyone else.
          I have practically all 10, and practically all of them unlocked anyway. All my crews have 5/6 skills. So I keep the XP as a valuable bargaining chip, for what it deserves.
          Which clowns should learn before calling others mongoloids.

          1. Thanks for the explanation.
            But you’re still a mongoloid and that won’t change however much xp you have

            1. Sorry, insult by clown is not an insult.
              Maybe im mongoloid… or maybe not.
              …but more you write, more all we can see that you surely are a clown.

    2. its not free you monkey. you dumped thousands on boxes and now consider the gold from those “free”.. literally 10iq

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