WoT: Object 452K Unannounced Nerfs

The Obj 452K’s gun mantlet and camo nerfed with final update before Assembly Shop without telling the playerbase.

The gun mantlet is single layer 300mm that can be easily penned by Super Conqueror’s gold shell. The base camo value also turned out to be 8% instead of 17.

The current 14/7% camo on website is the value after camouflage skill, so also their mistake/fraud.

source: reddit

17 thoughts on “WoT: Object 452K Unannounced Nerfs

    1. The same fanboys who screeched like pigs when Chieftain and Object 279(e) were nerfed. Their tears tasted delicious.

  1. tanks.gg says there’s two 300mm layers of spaced armor in the mantlet (the mantlet itself, and another layer behind it). If this nerf is a thing, then the second layer was removed.

  2. If this is not a mistake then it might be the most stupid thing WG has ever done.
    They want to sell the tank but nerf it right before it’s on sale XDDDD
    Nobody could ever expect such a move =)))))))))))

      1. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Suit yourself kid with you “REAL SECRET NERF”

  3. It’s freeeeeeeeee xp for me just another tank in the garage the 780 the lion the kpz 07 p and now I’ll have the object 452k all in numbered styles 😀 and it hasn’t cost me nothing

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