WoT Express: Assembly Shop 2024 – Object 452K

We expect the announcement of this event this week in February. Everything else remains unchanged, including the tank itself.
Whether you need this 10 – decide for yourself.

15 thoughts on “WoT Express: Assembly Shop 2024 – Object 452K

  1. The assembly shop tanks have all been worth having, but I probably need another Tier-X Russian heavy like I need a hole in my head.

  2. For anyone getting these assembly shop tanks and barely playing 50 battles ever in it is a total waste of resources… and they can’t even be used in Onslaught… basically worth less than tech tree tanks in that regard…. but that won’t stop the ‘collectors’…

      1. It would be better to compare to 60tp (i know alfa is bigger) and in my opinion 452K is a better 60tp. One more thing – 60tp has trollish lower plate, many times its a huge advantage when someone bounces…

        1. I almost agree with you, let’s say that the 60 is almost superheavy, for the alpha and the overmatch, it’s true that the 560 is not bad given the reload time and with the fine evaluation of the lower plate, which often trolls green penetration. certainly one of the considerable aspects of the 60TP are also the 8 degrees of depression and the turret armor which allow it a good hulldown and hits from bumps denied to many other heavy vehicles. That said, sure the 452k is better than many tanks, but it only needs to be inferior to a few to not be worth it. And it cannot be used in events, which is why I also put the 277 (but I also consider it inferior to the IS7). Then everyone is free to spend their resources as they see fit.

          1. Its also interesting to compare it with AMX 54… This 452 has great turret disp., that will be very satisfying…

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