WoT: Assemble the Power-Compact Fusion—the Object 452K!

From February 22, 2024 through February 26, 2024, you can build the Object 452K, a brand-new Tier X Soviet heavy tank. Only 80,000 of these exclusive vehicles will be up for assembly, and the initial 40,000 will come with the striking Designer 3D style, each with its own unique style number. Prepare to assemble an experimental heavy tank that boasts a formidable appearance and offers engaging gameplay!

Assembly Shop

From February 22, 2024 at 18:00 (CET) through February 26, 2024 at 23:59 (CET)*

*Note that the event may finish early if all vehicles are assembled before the scheduled end time.

The Assembly Shop: How it Works

  • Invest various game resources—blueprint fragments, Free XP, credits, gold, and bonds—to assemble the brand-new Object 452K. It’s up to you to decide how much of each resource to invest.
  • There will only be 80,000 tanks available for assembly. The first 40,000 players will receive not only the vehicle itself but also the spectacular Designer 3D style for it, which includes an individual style number. These individual numbers will be assigned to vehicles sequentially, from smallest to largest.

Object 452К in the "Designer" 3D Style

  • Once all 40,000 of the numbered styles and accompanying vehicles have been purchased, another 40,000 tanks will still be available for delivery. They will come in their standard configuration—without the 3D style and individual style number—and will be available for assembly until the end of the event or until they run out.

Combine and Spend Resources in Different Ratios!

Remember that you don’t need to wait and can spend everything at once. There are plenty of combinations to fill the progression bar up to 100%—everything depends on the resources you have.

Blueprint fragments can be used to complete up to 36% of the total vehicle assembly progress: 22% with national fragments, and 14% with universal.

Resources are deducted as soon as you add them to the Assembly Shop, but you can reclaim or redistribute them at any time by clicking the Return Resources button. If you don’t craft the Object 452K by the end of the event, all your spent resources will be returned to your account automatically.

Join the chase for the most appealing-looking number for the robust Object 452K, Commanders!


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