WoT: Join Maneuvers to Earn Rare Tier X Reward Vehicles and More!

The clans-only Maneuvers event returns with improvements! From March 11, 2024 through March 24, 2024, fight 7v7 Encounter Battles in any Tier X vehicle. Amass Fame Points (both clan and personal) by winning and moving up event Stages with your clanmates. Earn gold, bonds, and the opportunity to obtain rare Tier X reward vehicles!


From March 11, 2024 through March 24, 2024

Event Prime Time

Every day from 17:00 (CET) until 00:00 (CET)


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What’s New?

  • Encounter Battles instead of Standard Battles
  • Bonus personal Fame Points for the first victory of the day in each vehicle
  • Now Out of Commission vehicles can be unlocked from the event battle room interface (in addition to the event interface)
  • Bond Auction for those who didn’t receive a Tier X reward vehicle via the leaderboard (and have at least 1,000 personal Fame Points)


  • 7v7, only in Tier X vehicles
  • Battle type: Encounter Battle
  • Fog of War: On
  • Clan Battle Reserves (Inspire, Artillery Strike, High-Capacity Transport): Off
  • Legionnaires: Off
  • Maximum battle duration: 10 minutes
  • Base amount of Industrial Resource per battle won: 1,000 (as in Division X Skirmishes)
  • Maneuvers campaigns are run within the game client as Division X Stronghold Skirmishes

From February 9, 2024 and up to the start of Maneuvers on March 11, 2024, Skirmishes in Strongholds are replaced by battles in the Maneuvers format (7v7 Encounter mode, with the base capture time for one vehicle set to 100 seconds).



In Maneuvers, victories help your clan advance through Stages (there are 95 in total); losses and draws do not set you back. For each successive Stage, winning brings more personal and clan Fame Points. The catch is that any vehicles that participated in battles that your side lost and vehicles destroyed in battles you won become Out of Commission: they don’t contribute to clan Fame Points and block Stage progress for the clan.

  • Clan officers can remove the Out of Commission status for all vehicles in the clan by resetting the event Progression back to Stage 1 (there’s no limit on how many times this can be done).
  • With each reset, the clan receives an increasing amount of Repair Parts so the officers can later remove the Out of Commission status from individual vehicles.
  • Unused Repair Parts disappear with each reset.


The results of Maneuvers are displayed after the end of the event. They are determined by personal and clan Fame Points accumulated by you and your clan respectively.

  • Your position on the Personal Leaderboard determines the amount of bonds you receive and the badges and medals you are awarded.
  • Your clan’s position on the Clan Leaderboard determines the amount of gold for the clan treasury, the bond multiplier for clan members, and the badges and medals you are awarded.

Plus, there’s the personal Fame Points shop with a rich selection of rewards. The most coveted among them are the following six Tier X reward tanks:

The price of these reward tanks is equal to the number of personal Fame Points that the player who places 9,000 in the personal rating obtains. No additional resources will be required to purchase a reward vehicle.

Reward Vehicle Bond Auction

If you don’t manage to secure a Tier X reward vehicle via your Personal Leaderboard position, don’t fret: You can try to get one by placing bond Auction bids (if you have earned at least 1,000 personal Fame Points)! The top 3,000 bids will win.

Muster the forces of your clan and prepare for Maneuvers battles, Commanders!

8 thoughts on “WoT: Join Maneuvers to Earn Rare Tier X Reward Vehicles and More!

      1. I dont care meta.I question for Wg logic. If Chieftain is out of meta so why wg dont let us to buy?

  1. So it was going to be a 15vs15 campaign according to the 2024 teaser video plus a new tank. SO what happened? Wg lied in their roadmap/teaser video? New low for WG, thought it couldunt get worse.

    1. Maybe later in the year we are getting a 15v15 event with a new tank and CW are just starting slowly with a season of maneuvers.

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