WoT Supertest: Object 168G

There‘s another vehicle joining Supertest: the Object 168G, a Soviet Tier VIII sniper medium tank.
It’s sort of a Soviet answer to the Leopard, to the degree that the “G” in its name stands for “German” (“N”, “Nemetskiy” in the Russian original).

Despite the choice of the letter, it’s still a Soviet tank with a lackluster maximum gun depression (─5°) but with some frontal turret armor (150 mm). The rest of its parameters make it more Leopard-like though. That includes its gun’s base aiming time of 2.2 seconds and accuracy of 0.35, its fast (1,304 m/s) special APCR rounds, plus the tank’s top forward speed (50 km/h), specific power (20 hp per ton of weight), and decent concealment values. 340 damage with a single shot is good for a Tier VIII medium tank, however, the reload time (10.5 seconds) is something that may not allow you to outgun others in one-versus-one fights. The stats themselves can give some hints on how to play the Object 168G: it’s best to snipe and try not to be hit by enemy return fire.

22 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Object 168G

  1. Well 340 alpha looks very nice – no other tanks has the alpha right?
    Overall balanced at the first pictures

  2. sniper tanks are useless and have been for years, you can have a good game with it here and there, but neither the maps nor the meta (since 2018) has a place for them

      1. strv is unplayable on half of the maps, leo 1 gets fucked by most meds if the map isnt a mid to long range one

          1. yes, if you dont include the fact that most tanks with armor also have good dpm and usable gun handling, and even speed in some cases.
            in terms of sniper tanks, you sacrifice every bit of armor for “good gunhandling” something that will still get fucked by rng. i sold my strv when i missed an e100 turret 4 times in a row.
            i would rather sit in a 277 on prokhorovka than a leo

            1. RNG cucks everyone at some point, it’s the sad truth.

              And heavy tanks with great gun handling are bad, that’s on WG for balancing while blindfolded.

  3. A “sniper” with 370 metres viewrange? Most Tier 8 TDs have 360 metres. Is this thing supposed to equip camonet and binoculars and camp like a Skorpion?

  4. Almost no armor, gun looks okay but no depression, mobility is okay.
    LIS is WAY better.
    This thing looks worthless at first glance.

    1. no, chinese lts are similar to type 59, i mean you shall never refer them to WG style 7 wheeled tanks🐢

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