WoT: Frontline Makes a Return!

Frontline returns to the game with Episode 4, available from February 19 through February 26. This time, the intense and highly tactical 30v30 engagements will feature the dynamic battle scenarios system: you will play by the rules of one of three scenarios selected randomly before the start of a battle.

Frontline Episode 4

From 2024-02-19 at 05:00:00 (UTC) through 2024-02-26 at 02:00:00 (UTC)

Dynamic Battle Scenarios

The three Frontline battle scenarios have different rules regarding Combat Reserves.

  • Standard Battle (34% chance): Combat Reserves are used as per the regular Frontline rules.
  • Operational Support (33% chance): In this scenario, first introduced in 2022, Combat Reserves’ cooldown time is decreased by 50% (after the start of battle, respawning, or unlocking a new Reserve). More frequent use of Combat Reserves enhances battle dynamics and broadens the range of tactical possibilities.
  • Twist of Fate (33% chance): Upon reaching certain Ranks in this scenario, which debuted in 2023, you choose between two randomly selected Combat Reserves. This means you can sometimes even use combos of the same Reserves. Combat Reserves placed in slots in the Garage before battle have a better chance of being offered for selection, and the Level of Reserves purchased with Combat Reserve Points will increase by 1 in battle (meaning they will have 4 Levels).

The dynamic battle scenario rules can be accessed on the Frontline screen in the Garage and on the Combat Reserves screen.


The set of special, XXL-sized (3×3 km) Frontline maps remains the same, so you can:

  • Roam the green hills of Normandie
  • Explore the snowy expanse of Kraftwerk
  • Traverse the desert sands of Fata Morgana

Each map has three lines, with the first two split into 1×1 km sectors to be captured by the attackers. The undivided third line houses gun turrets which the attacking team must destroy (and the defending side must protect).


In Episode 4 of Frontline, earning Frontline Experience in multiple battles and reaching consecutive Tiers will bring you the following rewards.


3 thoughts on “WoT: Frontline Makes a Return!

  1. This is the only mode I keep wot installed for.
    The rewards might not be the best but wot doesn’t everyone to play this mode because they don’t want random mode queue wankers to cry at having to wait more than 5 seconds for their next battle defeat.
    I like this mode because you can make decent credits. It’s bigger maps, I can use to grind shit tech tree tanks and there’s no wn8 chasers.

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