World of Warcraft: unusual ways to farm gold for adventure lovers (P)

Many people are asking the important question of how to farm a lot of extremely valuable resources in WoW Classic, namely regular gold. As a rule, players resort to well-known methods – farming mobs, collecting grass or ore, playing at an auction, and so on. We will tell you about non-standard techniques that will certainly help you earn a fortune and at the same time will not let you get bored.


If you are not a fan of farming, then the easiest and most obvious way is boosting. This saves the player’s effort and time on any server and update. Recently, the most popular service is WoW SoD boost that contains not only resource farming but also some other points – leveling services, dungeon and raids passage, and even coaching. The main thing is to choose a reliable service with a lot of positive reviews, then it is absolutely safe. Moreover, other games are also available there – from long-term bestsellers to popular new titles.

Chest farming

While traveling around Azeroth, you’ve probably come across chests with useful loot more than once. As a rule, players regard them as a small but nice addition to mob farming, but you can specifically farm these same chests. Place your secondary character at the point where the chest usually appears, and from time to time enter the game world to check if the treasure is there. Some chests appear in advantageous locations – where there are no monsters. We advise you to check the location in Winterspring, but you can choose any high-level location and place where other players do not appear too often. As we have already noted, you can choose any point to your liking, and if you are playing as a dwarf, then do not forget to use the racial ability to find treasures. It displays nearby treasures on the mini-map and allows you to find any chests, even if they are well hidden.


All raids in WoW Classic, oddly enough, are very popular among players. Raid dungeons that currently exist in the game can be easily completed with half the team – provided that all group members use chemistry and world effects. Buffs from the songbloom, Onyxia’s head, and so on not only speed up the passage of the dungeon, but also allow you to earn a little money.

Effects for completing the northern part of the Dire Maul

To take advantage of the buffs in Dire Maul, you need to go through the northern quarter and kill the king without killing his guards. You can then invite other players into your group to go through the dungeon, talk to the advisor and guards, and receive your effects. Some players enter worlds right before raids, they do not have time to complete dungeons, and they willingly buy effects, that is, the opportunity to enter a completed dungeon. If you want to provide customers with a special service, you can add a call to enter the Dire Maul to your list of services (and charge extra money for it).

Tribute Chest

Speaking of Dire Maul, you can trade loot from a chest that appears if the party kills the final boss and doesn’t kill his guards. Anyone can get loot from the chest, even if you were not present in the dungeon when the boss was killed. The chest sometimes contains a Tarnished Elven Ring, which is included in the list of the best pre-raid equipment for several classes at once, as well as a Counterattack Magnet (an accessory for tanks), a Rod of Ogre Mages (a staff for spellcasters), a Maul of Inflexibility (a two-handed weapon for bears), and even epic two-handed ax The destruction is ancient. Complete the dungeon, look in the chest, and then look for a buyer in the trade chat. Invite him to the group, take the money and lead him to the chest.

WoW Uber

We mentioned warlocks above, let’s talk about them too. In WoW Classic, traveling around the world takes a lot of time. In a way, this is good because the world seems huge, but on the other hand, who among us hasn’t been angry after getting from one end of this world to the other in a whole 1 hour? It’s no surprise that fast travel services are very popular among players. In some game worlds, there are entire teleportation networks organized by the players themselves. Participants in these networks form groups of one warlock and two other characters, place these groups in key points and sell their services through chat. You can determine the cost of services yourself; on average, a call costs 3-5 gold, depending on the server. In classic, summoning requires three players, including a warlock, and the warlock himself needs shards that are obtained from monsters, but the teleportation networks work, which means they pay for all the costs. As the goblins say, “time is money,” and there are plenty of people in the game who want to save this time. You will have to spend about $20-30 to pay for three accounts, but in general the method of earning money is quite viable.

If you don’t like any of the suggested methods, you can become a streamer or make cool videos on YouTube. Then you will be able to unite a huge number of people around you. Then maybe they will farm gold for you.

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