WoT Express: Special (limited) Battle Pass Chapter [February] Leak + Broken Tier 8 Premium Tanks On Sale Soon

Special (limited) WOT Battle Pass [February].
At the end of next week another Special will suddenly start. Battle Pass. It will be without a tank, but it will be a continuation of the previously promised collaboration.


If at the beginning of next week pensioners continue to donate so little to Dragon Boxes (that’s right, WG didn’t make it possible to donate, continue!), then by the start of the LF [February 19], at least 2 imbas will be delivered for open sale, one of which you have been waiting for a VERY long time from 2023
And this is simultaneously with the collaborative BP.

28 thoughts on “WoT Express: Special (limited) Battle Pass Chapter [February] Leak + Broken Tier 8 Premium Tanks On Sale Soon

      1. dont insult google translator like that, that tool deserves more love even with how wonky it is sometimes

  1. Looks like players did not buy enough Dragonchest, so WG will come up with something to get to their money.
    Also this years lunar thingi is messed up.
    Gether coins together, to unlock the possibility of buying things for coins that you gethered for yourself.
    But you dont know, how much you have to gether for the next stage.
    Oh and you also dont know how much will what cost.
    But you can buy extra missions for 250 gold, for extra coins.
    Job well done WG!

    1. And I thought during the first 2 days that you had to achieve the special mission in the first try. But on day three the special mission suddenly stayed until I had a match in which I could complete it. And now on day 4 the next special mission is gone again after the first match. FUCK YOU, WG

    2. I can see why. As those chests had little of interest. A meh new tank, a copy tank and content they have sold 99 times the past year alone. Or are always for sale in the bond store like the 2D styles. People don’t want to gamble when they have 90% of the stuff already in it tbh.

  2. The “special” chapter is the second part of the Dune marathon.

    And it would be so funny if WG sells BZ-176 or something like it because they don’t get enough profit from the dragon boxes.

  3. Why are WG so greedy? For goodness sake, they know what selling EBR or BZ will do, just pure mayhem! Hopefully, they won’t do this!

    1. They exist to make money, like all other businesses. Unfortunately they also lack the basic ethics minor companies have, so they’d probably sell their own mothers if it made them a quick buck.

  4. Don’t worry guys there will be a new DOG in the market soon so we can get rid off this greedy wg c*nts.. Let’s just hope “Steel Aces” will be a good game and won’t be greedy (=

    1. Steel Aces look like some cool sht. I’m readying up and going to donate to the project. Gooodbye crapjob game from WG. They went too far and now I hope it crashes and burns….or extinguishes like the dumpster fire it is.

    1. I think WoT express meant “FL” a.k.a. Frontline (as it’s the only thing announced to be coming next week), but it was a typo, that the innocent google translate couldn’t correct.

  5. We will see. That page has been wonky at best on leak accuracy of late. They leaked the battle pass when it was announced more or less.

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