WoT RU 1.25 Supertest: SU-122 (1956) aka. SU-122-54

For testing by supertesters, the Tier IX tank destroyer SU-122 (1956) has been added:

  • Average damage 440/440/530 units.
  • Average armor penetration 274/320/68 mm.
  • Projectile flight speed 1480/920/940 m/s.
  • Reload time 8 s.
  • Aiming time 2.6 s
  • Accuracy at 100 m is 0.38.

  • Gun elevation, depression -5/16 deg.
  • APCR/HEAT/high-explosive projectiles.
  • Ammunition 52 pcs.
  • Max. speed/reverse 56/20 km/h.
  • Engine power 840 hp
  • Specific power 22.6 hp/t.
  • Chassis turning speed 40 degrees/s.
  • Gun traverse speed  26 degrees/s.
  • Durability 1700 HP.
  • Hull armor 100/80/45 mm.
  • View range 390 m.
  • Communication range 760 m.
  • Invisibility of the tank in motion (in%) 13.05/2.35.
  • Stealth of a stationary vehicle (in%) 21.77/3.92.
  • Crew: commander (radio operator), gunner, loader, loader, driver.

9 thoughts on “WoT RU 1.25 Supertest: SU-122 (1956) aka. SU-122-54

  1. Make it a Prem and WG demonstrates their greed

    Make it a BP Reward and playerbase will rejoice

    Guess what will happen…

  2. WG’s treatment of the Object 263 line is egregious. Buffing SU-100M1 and SU-101 was a good thing, but nerfing Object 263 to make it Tier 9 was dumb. They pale compared to adding Object 268 v4 though, that thing is still toxic and now also unfun due to its greatly gimped speed.

    They should’ve left Object 263 at Tier 10 and buffed SU-122-54 without removing it. At least RU is getting it back, while EU/NA/ASIA is neglected.

    1. The 263 at tier 9 is a really good tank though. If you just manage to cover the lower plate the armor is crazy. And its much faster than 268 V4 now with now with 268 V4 getting mobility nerfs recently.
      And with a full ramming build it can do some real good rams too.

      1. Agreed, the 263 at tier 9 is arguably better tier for tier. But I always maintain that the 268 v2 would fit the line better visually then the 263 currently does

  3. I had only reached up to SU-101 whenever the breanch was changed. Never got to play the glorious SU-122-54 🙁

  4. The yolo boy is back in RU with even more yolo-ing stats XD
    Now the only thing it needs is its original 122mm M62 (IS-4) gun model.
    Unfortunately, we’re very unlikely gonna see this naughty boy again as WG’s too busy making premium shitters.
    Oh, my bad. They’re busy making premium shitters & their clones XDDD

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