WoT Supertest: Mountain Pass Gameplay Changes

Mountain Pass has undergone balance adjustments, specifically addressing advantages identified in the bottom (southern) base. Furthermore, we have redesigned several positions below to improve the overall gameplay on the map.

1.As it was challenging to attack this area due to the abundance of bushes, we have significantly reduced the number of bushes present. Additionally, the hill near the river has been flattened and extended to relocate spawn points in this area, enhancing overall timings on the map. The opportunity to attack this base from the glacier area has been improved, thanks to the redesigned slope, offering a more diverse range of tactical options. 2.The rock position near the main battle point has been altered to open up additional sight and shooting lines for the southern team’s movement. 3.A position that previously provided favorable lines of fire to the glacier area for the north base—a feature absent in the south base—has been blocked. At times this spot posed a potential trap, necessitating the adjustment. 4.The height of the hill in this area has been slightly adjusted to provide similar opportunities.

3 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Mountain Pass Gameplay Changes

  1. merci mais la map va finir ban dans ma liste par ce que la elle est detruite merci WG come d’habitude

  2. Finally! Mountain Pass will become better! Before previous year’s changes it was 2/10 because of the bushes clsoe to the southern base, currently it is -10/10 because of the overall shitness of the map and after these proposed improvements it will be 5/10! It could’ve been 10/10, but oh well…

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