WoT: New Nations Are In Active Development

Developers from Wargaming have begun the active phase of preparing several new nations for WOT PC. This does not mean that all of them will be released, but at least one new nation can be safely expected in 2025.
Although in fact there are more than 2 pieces in development!

Thus, in 2025, after 7 years (!!), WOT players will see a new nation of vehicles in the game (at least one) and all the recommended attributes.

It is perfectly.

source: WOT Express Donators only article

6 thoughts on “WoT: New Nations Are In Active Development

  1. Surprise, surprise – WoT is not only not going to maintainance phase in 2025, but is also getting new nations after all these years!

    1. That Russian rumor…..,and most stupidest reporting ever….they just did a Collaboration Event and they have another one coming up…..and some War-Supported person decided post the infomation about WOT NA/EU/ASIA closing down

      We should look at WOT RU who is strugging and needs WOT NA/EU/ASIA help

      1. If Mir Tankov is struggling, then that is Lesta’s problem, not Wargaming’s.
        Maybe they should try a second collab with everlasting summer. xD

        But yeah, vastly opposite rumours.

  2. couldnt give less fucks about new nations. the already existing fucking content needs rebalancing and they cant even keep up with that, throwing even more in really gonna help with that.

    but then again, you can only sell new content, who cares about the game when you can make money

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