WoT: Celebrate Lunar New Year With the Mystery of Dragons!

Brace yourselves for the arrival of a mystical Dragon with the Lunar New Year! This formidable creature brings Draconian Chests with valuable items, along with the promise of prosperity and new achievements.

Enter the game from February 8 to 14 for the Mystery of Dragons event, where you can obtain six rare Tier VIII–IX Premium vehicles, including two brand-new additions to your arsenal. You can also get up to eight festive 2D styles, including two fresh ones to brighten up your battles.

There will also be a fun-filled web event with missions, rewards, and more. Roll out and welcome the Year of the majestic Dragon with a bang!

The Mystery of Dragons

February 8 at 05:00 CET through February 14 at 23:00 CET (UTC+1)

Get Draconian Chests With Premium Vehicles and Other Loot!

  • Starting February 8, you can get your hands on Draconian Chests from the in-game Store and the Premium Shop, with a daily limit of 50 Chests. They come in bundles with 5, 10, or 25 Chests and an equal number of missions for ×5 XP.
  • Additionally, once per account throughout the event, you will have the opportunity to purchase a special bundle from both the in-game Store and the Premium Shop containing 300 Draconian Chests. It will not count toward your daily Chest purchase limit.

Each Draconian Chest will contain a reward from the list below with a certain probability:

  • One of six Premium vehicles, including 2 brand-new ones (Probability: 1.3%)
  • One of eight rare 2D styles, including two brand-new ones (Probability: 15%)
  • One of the following: Crew Book, Personal Reserves, or credits (Probability: 50%)
  • One of the following: Days of WoT Premium Account or Personal Reserves (Probability: 100%)

For every 50 Draconian Chests you open, you are guaranteed one of the six Tier VIII–IX Premium vehicles. If a vehicle drops before you open your 50th Chest, the counter is reset.

The Draconian Chests will only drop vehicles that you don’t already have in your Garage. Once you have all six vehicles, the next vehicle drop will grant its value in gold instead.

If you don’t open all your Draconian Chests in time, they will open automatically at the end of the event.

Embark on the Lunar Web Event: Missions, Rewards, and More!

Starting from February 8, complete simple missions to earn numerous free rewards, including valuable resources and cool 2D and 3D styles.

Additionally, don’t forget about the traditional discounts on equipment and consumables, as well as for researching Tech Tree vehicles and purchasing Premium vehicles available in the regular sale.

Treat yourself to gifts and join us in celebrating the Lunar New Year with new tanks and resounding cheer, Commanders!


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