11 thoughts on “WoT RU: BZ-75 & Concept No. 5 – 3D Styles

  1. If WG have no more connection to Lesta for almost 2 years, how comes, that they even have the BZ and British wheelies in the game on RU region?

      1. LoL… you serious on that one? Struggling?! The loot boxes this year were way bigger and expensive than on eu servers. And there were many dudes buying them to get the WT. E 100.

  2. Lesta pays WG Europe a licesing fee for the update, or something like that. And via some financial shenanigans they extract rubels out of russia drying up their econmy over time. Profiting from russians and stealing state funds (taxes) for the war. In conclusion helping Ukraine by making a dime. /s

    1. It’s Russia and Russians, with an ‘R’. Only ukraine and ukrainians are typed with a ‘u’, because neo-N4zi are not important, just like those braindead supporting them.

      PS How about going there and fighting next to’em?! They are in desperate need of cannon fodder, many of them having the same fate as in Bakhmut and Avdiivka!


      1. He’s probably already a proud member of Ukraine transsexual “Unicorn Legion”… Oh wait, they are all fertilizing the soil of Arteemovsk (Bakhmut) right now

    2. Bot… every company in whatever state on Earth pays taxes to the budget of that state, more or less, depending on the laws. Moreover, it’s not as if Lesta is a huge multi-billionaire company that finances the Russian SMO in ukraine. Many of the Russian funds come from resources given to braindead europeans via other countries, like Turkey, India etc.

      Cope with the Russian victory in ukraine! And once again, they need cannon fodder. Take others like you and go there; one-way ticket needed, ’cause you won’t survive to return! XDD

    3. “Helping Ukraine” do what? Sending more children, women, and the severely mentally ill to the front lines?

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