7 thoughts on “T54D Spotted on EU

    1. We can only wait and see what happens. But I’ve seen this tank before. I also had it in my team. After all, the year is still very long and there’s still a lot to come. There will certainly be another assembly hall, as wg wants to try to pull out more resources. and with the wz-111ql they won’t be able to do it with some of the players.

  1. There has been spotted posts on Reddit about this tank, along with the BT-42, TT-130M & Nemesis for weeks now. So I’ll bet it’s a season pass reward

    1. maybe one of them will be used as a clan battle reward. nobody knows, because wg hasn’t really announced anything yet. and if there is an assembly hall, then it will be a bit difficult because of the tanks, because so far it has always been tier 10 in the hall.

    2. Ugh, the Nemesis. I still hate that Wargaming is selling an in-name-only Nemesis at Tier 8 instead of making it a Tier 10 with the IRL design’s stats.

  2. I’ve seen tle LTS-85 last week on Prokhorovka. It crossed my mind to just die fast to be able to take a closer look in-action, but it was the first tank to die… 😛

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