Auction 2024: Lot #3 — ISU-122-2

Have you checked out Auction 2024 yet? It’s your chance to get new and exclusive high-tier vehicles, with a new lot available daily from January 24 through January 28, allowing you to outbid the competition for exceptional offers.

The third Auction item is the VIIIISU-122-2 . Place your bid on January 26 between 10:00 CET and 23:00 CET (UTC+1)!


The VIIIISU-122-2 is the second double-barreled TD in the game, the SU-2-122 being the first. This mobile TD boasts impressive firepower but limited survivability due to its low front and turret armor. However, its high maneuverability compensates for this weakness. With rapid salvo fire and the option to choose between 390 HP and 780 HP damage modes, the ISU-122-2 provides tactical flexibility in battle. It stands as an effective and powerful support vehicle, demanding caution and a strategic approach.

How to Play

  • Firepower

Causing 2,440 HP of damage per minute, the VIIIISU-122-2 lets you fire each 122 mm gun independently—or both simultaneously. Single-cannon rounds inflict approximately 390 HP of damage, and you can fire cyclically (one gun that reloads after each shot), sequentially (both guns alternately), or both at the same time. The double-shot salvo is what makes the ISU-122-2 lethal. To get the most bang for your buck, wait until both cannons are fully loaded, lock onto an enemy, and hold down the fire button to start a 2 second countdown until both guns discharge. Enemies caught in the blast can suffer up to 780 HP of damage.

Use the excellent 2 second aiming time and stabilization to unleash on enemies soon after arriving at a firing position. Mixing double shots and single shots can keep enemies on edge, but be aware that switching to a loaded gun after firing takes almost as long as reloading a fired one.

  • Survivability

With great power comes great vulnerability. The bulky fixed-turret tank destroyer has 190/65/40 mm of protection, so staying hidden is key. Keep in mind the front engine compartment is prone to fire, so an Automatic/Manual Fire Extinguisher or Modified/Improved Configuration would be a wise choice. The 370 m view range is in line with most of its peers but can be expanded with equipment or trained crew perks.

  • Mobility

The VIIIISU-122-2 has good mobility and maneuverability for its massive size. It reaches a 40 km/h top speed, and the 20 km/h reverse speed allows you to withdraw to cover quickly. The 30 deg/s traverse speed is also helpful for repositioning in short order.

  • Equipment

  • Crew Perks

How to Get the Vehicles

The VIIIISU-122-2 is exclusively featured in the Auction event on January 26 between 10:00 CET and 23:00 CET (UTC+1)! Enter through the in-game Store’s dedicated page, place your bid, and observe the open auction where bid counts are visible. Lots accept bids in either gold or credits. Check in regularly to seize epic offers!

Place your bids to get truly unique vehicles, Commanders!

Roll Out!


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