WoT: Collectors’ Vehicle Discounts Reminder

Available until 2024-01-23 at 09:00:00 (UTC)

Take advantage of the in-game discounts on Collectors’ vehicles! To find them from the Garage, click Store. On the following screen, click Vehicles in the left-hand column, and then go to the Collectors’ Vehicles tab.

  • 30% credit discount on Tier VI and VII Collectors’ vehicles

  • 15% credit discount on Tier VIII–X Collectors’ vehicles

Improved XP to Free XP Conversion Rate

Available until 2024-01-23 at 09:00:00 (UTC)

Free XP is a special kind of universal XP. It can be used to research standard vehicles and modules, as well as to accelerate crew training. After each battle, 5% of the XP you earned is converted into Free XP. Better yet, the XP of Elite and Premium vehicles can also be converted into Free XP. Use the better rate to convert XP into Free XP for gold (1 = 25 35) and unlock modules or standard vehicles at a discount!

Take advantage of the in-game discounts and special XP exchange rate before January 23!

5 thoughts on “WoT: Collectors’ Vehicle Discounts Reminder

  1. Attention to a2 Attention to a3 Reloading Attention to a4 Reloading Reloading Reloading Attention to a2 Attention to a2 Requesting fire Requesting fire Requesting fire Requesting fire.

    1. Stuff like Hetzer etc which are no longer in the tech tree. There’s a button from the German tech tree which leads you there

  2. enjoy another crap from WOT. prepare your nervous system for another disastrous game and especially your wallet. you’ll end up with a shit hole in your pocket before you’ll realize what a waste of time and money this is. enjoy your lack of neurons 🙂

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