WoT Supertest: Chrysler MTC 2TC Changes

The second iteration was released for supertest today.

The tank received a fairly strong nerf to the DPM.

Chrysler MTC 2TC (USA, Tier-8, MT, premium). Changes relative to the first iteration of the supertest.
• Gun loading: from 9.78 to 11.51 sec
• Gun rate of fire: from 6.14 to 5.21
• Aiming time: from 2.21 to 2.11 sec
• Accuracy at 100 m: from 0.36 to 0.38

• Dispersion from hull traverse (max.): from 0.14 (5.84) to 0.14 (5.55)
•Dispersion from turret traverse (max.): from 0.13 (4.88) to 0.12 (4.26)
• Average damage per minute with 1 (AP) projectile: from 2,209 to 1,877
• Average damage per minute with 2 (HEAT) projectile: from 2,209 to 1,877
• Average damage per minute 3 (HE) projectile: from 2,700 to 2,295
• Turret Traverse Speed: from 37.55 to 35.46 deg/s
• Hull Traverse speed: from 41.72 to 39.63 deg/s

8 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Chrysler MTC 2TC Changes

    1. They are slowly implementing their plan of ruining the game and dissolving the player base across all servers.Boycott them today and save your money.

    2. this is literally what they have been doing for years. release a premium tank which has enough armor that you will switch to premium ammo for making sure you pen it, and if you are playing said tank, you switch to premium ammo because the gun is dogshit and you want to pen the shots that even hit the target, either because non existent accuracy or non existent dpm, fantastic game design, and even bigger joke is that people still pay them

      1. Yeah and if wg make the tank “balanced” you’d complain it was shit and if they make it “OP” you’d complain it was too much….

        1. You forgot about when it’s average, compare it to OP tank and say “why should I play this instead of….”

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