Project CW (Cold War) – Gameplay Teasers Alpha Version | Modern WOT 2.0 (2025)

Alpha version teaser for January 2024
Expected release: 2025

Now the game resembles a mixture of Overwatch and Call of Duty. In 2023 test, game strongly resembled Battlefield.

19 thoughts on “Project CW (Cold War) – Gameplay Teasers Alpha Version | Modern WOT 2.0 (2025)

  1. Not really interested in them completely reinventing the wheel. I would prefer they fix their already good game that needs repairs.

  2. WG needs to bring fresh regular game modes to exiting WOT first. Its been 12 years and all we have is a single stale tired Random mode to play.

    1. What? Do we play the same game? Is there not enough challenges for you? Sometimes even more then one in the same time…

    2. I agree wot needs more permanent modes. Just make more frontline maps and different tiers and you have a whole new game. But wg would rather produce fake tier 8 tanks ..

  3. they already have it in their heads to ruin this whole game or it’s filled with money after the players and so they don’t do anything against the illegal mods that also take their share of the money

  4. “Hero based shooter”

    So they made overwatch with tanks is what I’m getting from this.

    That’s neither fun or interesting sounding, not even in the slightest. Pretty sure the reason people play tank shooters is for the strategy involved and the core gameplay loop. I think the resources should be spent on a new team for developing PvE modes and fun content for WoT rather than another very forgettable hero shooter.

    1. I see a mix of Armored Warfare, Hunger Games and Death Race
      – each commander/hero will have unique perks (Armored Warfare)
      – it will be like a “gladiator fight” to entertain audience (Hunger Games)
      – you can lap upgrades on your tank (Death Race)
      – there are special abilities you can collect on the map (Death Race)

      might just be too much, specially because many just want to play the Abrams or Leo 2 on a proper arcade game without the extra “nonsense”

  5. Good thing they’re killing the FOMO off early.

    Does not look like anything that can get a long-term dedicated audience. It looks like a bad version of Armored Warfare after Fortnite has shat all over it.
    Like so many WG projects, I’d diagnose this as DOA.

  6. Next stillborn baby by WG.
    Why do they even bother with new projects, when they got a great game ? Why waste money and time when they CAN make WoT wonderful. Why not add more modern tank, up to tier 15 ? The utter stupidity of WG is just beyond me…

  7. You’re right Plazma Keks.

    New maps, bringing back old maps, new challenges, finally adding modern armor from tier 11 upwards and improve the balancing – the biggest enemy of WoT is WG.

  8. personally I could see myself interested on a arcade game about modern tanks with some PVE elements so that we are not forced to play unbalanced PVP modes 90% of the time
    seeing that won’t be the case I don’t really have much interest in another PVP arcade game, especially due to the extra nonsense of the random add-ons we see in these trailers, like the one that looks like a mortar barrage

  9. Looks like a console game. Wg trying to cram too many features in to another one game mode game.
    Obviously trying for the younger audience with a one minute attention span

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