WoT: Charioteer Nomad Sale Value Bug

Dear Tankers,

There is currently a bug with the Charioteer Nomad vehicle.
Due to a technical issue, currently you will only receive 20,000 credits upon selling the vehicle. This issue will be fixed soon.
For now, we advise to not sell the vehicle until the fix is applied.

We’re sorry for any inconveniences this might cause and will soon publish updates about it here.

Thank you for understanding!

4 thoughts on “WoT: Charioteer Nomad Sale Value Bug

  1. Not a bug, just an oversight before release.
    But it sounds nicer to call it a bug instead of just saying you forgot to set the right value.

    1. I think this message is a nice gesture because it is unnecessary.

      First of all: selling a tank that cost you at least 3500 gold for credits makes absolutely no sense. And second: You literally have to revise and type in the exact selling price to be able to hit the button as a failsafe.

      The possibility of selling this tank accidentally is literally 0.

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