6 thoughts on “WoT: Charioteer Nomad In-Game Screenshots

    1. Probably yes, that has been a common practice with marathon tanks such as Bourrasque, 56TP and ShPTK-TVP.

        1. Obsidian* but the last marathon tank like this the pz was vague about whether or not it was a permanent style- But you could still remove. it so I would think it would be applicable this time.

    2. I would says no … like iron arnie, t832, forest spirit …
      If the name is diffrent to the normal version the skin/style is the tank you cant remove ^^

      Its win/win for wg because they can sell thw normal version without style (i would say this year t32m and m48 improved will come ^^)

      1. I have asked the community contributor Mumtaz from the top tier SALLT clan for confirmation

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