WoT: Battle Pass Special: Snatch the Diamond

January 11 at 06:00 CET through January 25 at 04:30 CET (UTC+1)

For 14 days from January 11 through January 25, become part of an elaborate scheme that involves five notorious characters from the iconic film Snatch, a set of memorable customization items, a load of other valuables, and a custom-modded Nomad (a copy of the Charioteer stats⁠-⁠wise), which any true tank connoisseur will appreciate.


The lads: We need dough for reasons we ain’t willin’ to disclose. An’ we got a custom Nomad. A rare catch. Buy it from us so we have the dough we need. All we need from ya is a 3,500 deposit, and ya get to enter the chase for the Nomad. Then the price of the ride itself depends on ya: ya’ve got two weeks to cut it down─an’ some folks to cross. It’s a fair deal. Take it!


For Grabs: Steel Monster, Your Roamin’ Residence! Nomad! Mileage: 4,000. Good as new. Full service history (wait till you hear it!). 3 owners (the third is us). “Original” interior. Exterior w/ custom “designer jobs”. Can bargain, terms negotiable. Viewing by appointment. You’ll sure enjoy ridin’ in this one!


Here’s what dealing with these honest, respectable gentlemen can bring you. Note that there are two tiers of cooperation.


Your associates have more great stuff for you on top of the base and even extended deal. Check out what they’ve got to offer!
 Each bundle can be purchased up to three times per account.


The lot from Snatch are all seasoned professionals, and they’re in charge of several schemes in parallel. Join the other entrepreneurial activities they’re running! It’s all honest business.

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