13 thoughts on “WoT: Intercepted Call

  1. Even in the previous teaser that they provided if you turn “Diamond” backwards: “dNOMAiD”…Hell of an easter egg…

      1. Thing is, even if they implement other new stuff it results in tidious grind-fiestas which are the worst shit ever… Speaking about the Mars special or other time limited modes. Reasoning being that the development of said battle-mode took recources and now they want you to spend as much time as possible with their new puppy. Even if its shit.

        The only nice thing i remeber from recent times is the IS-2S historical event, back when they implemented the Berlin map. And i cant think of a reason why they dont do more of that kind. Which was also grindy, dont get me wrong… But it had a nice spin. And a achievable goal.

        Frontlines and Steelhunter should become regular additions. Bigger maps would be nice, too (Ensk 1000×1000m map when???). New game modes also. Escort Missions or the like. With the possability of mode-selection, before starting the match! Mayority of players is too narrow-minded to play cosistently in Encounter or Assault, resulting in poor decision making. And i think that most dont even undestand the necessaty of different strategies each mode requieres. And the worst? Its so random that most only notice when they start moving their tanks and are in unfamiliar spawn-points.

        The addition of new tech trees should always be accopanied with a rebalance of a large set of tanks. New tanks means a new eco-system. And if you leave the old stuff to collect dust, no wonder nobody picks them anymore. Dont make the new stuff shinier than it is, is what im saying. In the end, a tank is a tank.

    1. to be hones, charioteer was the one tech tree t8 i wished was a premium tank, atleast back in the day. And now with field mods and new equipment it should be even better.

      1. the old charioteer still gets field mods and new equipment but they never addressed the ammo problem so I still don’t care to play it. meanwhile theres plenty of room for t8 premiums that mimic their t10 tech counter parts which we still don’t have. still no autoloading french TD premium for example

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