WoT Supertest: TS-60

Yet another Supertest entrant is the TS-60, a Tier IX American TD.

The TS-60 does have a turret, but it’s located in the rear of the vehicle and its traverse is limited to 136°. Both the turret and the hull have very good frontal protection which can negate a lot of incoming enemy shells, allowing you to play the TS-60 as a heavy tank. The parameters of the 120 mm gun with high damage per minute allow for convenient gunplay. Playing in the TS-60, you can deal a lot of damage yourself and score a lot of assisted damage by destroying hapless opponents’ tracks.

One thought on “WoT Supertest: TS-60

  1. So this is a 2nd iteration of testing this vehicle? With some changed stats. What I could see, the DPM got nerfed massivley (from 3.2k to sub 2.7k), the dispersion got buffed by .02 and the power/weight got nerfed by 1 hp/t. All in all, nice changes imo.

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