WoT Supertest: FCM 2C

Another addition to the Supertest is the FCM 2C, a Tier III French heavy.

The FCM 2C is the second heavy tank of its tier in the game. Notably, it is also the first non-researchable heavy tank at this tier. The FCM 2C is destined to be one of the most unique additions to World of Tanks, comparable to the TOG II*, and here are a few reasons why.

It is extraordinarily long, tall, heavy, and slow. Its top speed is only 15 km/h with a P/W ratio of 7.1 hp/t, while the TOG II* has a top speed of  14 km/h and a P/W ratio of 7.8 hp/t. Its turret cannot rotate 360 degrees—only 320 degrees.

However, its gun depression angles are among the best in the game: −20 degrees! It has around 30% more HP than medium or heavy tanks of the same tier, and a very powerful 75 mm gun dealing 110 HP of damage per shot with a standard shell.

17 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: FCM 2C

    1. what the fuck are you talking about? what would this do in tier 8? this tank was more useless than a fucking tog 2 would have been

    1. I hope they will implement this mechanic! There are so many projects for multi-turret vehicles across all nations! This will clear the path for many many more new tech tree branches, premium tanks and individual projects and concepts!

  1. This might mean they are bringing French super heavies back. I hope they actually bring multi turret with them if they come.

  2. 15 top speed tho? Good luck crawling out of spawn before the battle ends and surviving for more than a minute the moment you get spotted…

  3. Have you played the leviathan mode where the Franken and stein tanks both had multi turret even though they had low caliber guns as secondary

  4. Damn, 12 years and its finally coming to the game. Been noticing that they’re adding tanks that have been mentioned to come long time ago. T3 Us Medium tank add as gift was supposed to be apart of a whole line of Christie tanks. (Still have things like M1919 & M1921 that could come). A7E2 that was givin in boxes this year was another tank that was supposed to come out when British tanks were released. Also AMX 13 F11 was apart of the update where the FCM 2C was supposed to be, which was givin as the anniversary reward. They’ll slowly keep adding more. Im hoping for the Neubaufahrzeug, Panzerjager 35R, and the IT-45.

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