WoT: Snowballs and Ice Age Return to Arcade Cabinet!

The winter holidays are in full swing, and the festive cheer they bring is reaching its climax. But there’s more merriment in store! Join the traditional winter fun with the Snowballs and Ice Age submodes in the Arcade Cabinet, available via the mode selector!

Both submodes are for Tier VIII or Tier X vehicles. Single-tier, 15v15 battles take place on six snowy maps, and have tweaked mechanics. In Snowballs, your shells look like lumps of snow and follow ballistic trajectories. Ice Age, meanwhile, is all about taking precise shots while you drift on slippery ground!

Mode Availability

December 22, 9:00 CET through December 24, 23:59 CET (UTC+1)

Ice Age:
December 29, 9:00 CET through December 31, 23:59 CET (UTC+1)

Both submodes:
January 5, 9:00 CET through January 7, 23:59 CET (UTC+1)


Snowballs and Ice Age require snowy locations, so Mannerheim Line, Erlenberg, and Glacier are in play. Plus, both submodes can take place on special winter versions of Karelia, Prokhorovka, and Malinovka.


This submode is heavily inspired by real-life snowball fights: it’s fast, energetic, and unpredictable. Your shells are literally “rounds” of snow, reload time is shortened and engine power is boosted for every vehicle, while shot trajectories are curved. As snowballs do splash damage, HE shells are more powerful here.

Battle Modifiers

Smooth Curves

Shells follow curved trajectories.

Ice Shrapnel

The efficiency of HE shells (except arty shells) is increased.

Frozen Armor

The armor penetration of all shells except HE shells is decreased by 25%.

Comfy Config

Reload time is decreased by 25%.

Fuel Additives

Engine power is increased by 50%.

Ice Age

The ground is extra slippery in Ice Age, and the lack of traction allows for some nice drifting: here, battles often look like slo-mo shootouts. You can make precise shots because all rounds fly faster than usual and dispersion during movement and traverse is decreased. On top of that, engine power and top speeds are off the scale!

Battle Modifiers

Ice Cow Citadel 

Vehicles slide as if they were on ice. Whee! 

Rev It Up 

Top forward speed is increased by 10 km/h.

Winter Tracks

Top reverse speed is increased by 30 km/h for all tracked vehicles.

Winter Tires 

Top reverse speed is increased by 10 km/h for all wheeled vehicles.

Rotation Mechanism Greasing

Turret traverse speed is increased by 100%.

Fuel Additives

Engine power is increased by 100%.

Steady Aim

Dispersion during turret traverse and vehicle movement and traverse is decreased by 50%.


Shell velocity is increased by 50%.


Except for different modifiers, Snowballs and Ice Age have the same set of basic rules:

  • Battles are single-tier, fought in either Tier VIII or Tier X vehicles. Any vehicles of these tiers can be used in the mode.
  • You earn XP and credits in battles, and you can use all types of Personal and clan Reserves.
  • XP multipliers for the first victory of the day work in the submodes.
  • Snowballs and Ice Age battles do not contribute to daily missions or personal missions, but they count toward the mode progression.
  • Snowballs and Ice Age battles do not bring you Battle Pass Points. Gold and credits are not put into the Gold Reserve and the Credit Reserve.
  • Snowballs and Ice Age battles do not yield bonds, except for the event progression rewards (see below).
  • Holiday Ops bonuses to credits and XP earned apply to Snowballs and Ice Age battles.
  • You may play in Platoons (and are eligible for the bonuses if you do).


Complete a short series of special missions in each launch of the submodes to earn bonds!

Step I Win two battles and be among the top 12 players on your team by XP earned both times 100 bonds
Step II Win three battles and be among the top 12 players on your team by XP earned each time 100 bonds
Step III Win five battles and be among the top 12 players on your team by XP earned each time 200 bonds
The third “combined” launch of Snowballs and Ice Age counts as a single event, meaning the maximum total number of bonds you can get across all three launches is 1,200 bonds.

Prepare to have lots of snowy and icy fun, Commanders!

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