WoT 1.23.1 Common Test: A New Launch of Onslaught – The Season of the Crimson Pegasus Is Upon Us!

During the Common Test, Onslaught will be available from December 23 onward.

With the rollout of Update 1.23.1, a new launch of the Onslaught mode kicks off, introducing the Season of the Crimson Pegasus. Your journey toward the Annual Reward continues, so get ready to fight with all your might to earn truly exclusive items, including:

  • Brand-new 2D styles in vibrant colors.
  • A special version of the Tier X Polish CS-63 medium tank, featuring an incredible 3D style and custom crew members.

As we enter the upcoming Season, brace yourself for several noteworthy changes.

  • A Store With Exclusive Items for Bonds Is Back! Starting this Season, the in-game Store with exclusive items for bonds reopens its doors. Here, you can spend bonds to get the sharp-shooting Chinese 114 SP2 tank destroyer, rare improved equipment (Increased Shell Resistance), and other cool stuff.
  • New Maps: In this launch, Himmelsdorf is undergoing a revamp, making way for three new maps: Oyster Bay, Studzianki, and Outpost. The Onslaught versions of these maps will differ from those in Random Battles, so get ready for unexpected tactical maneuvers!
  • New Combat Modifiers: Adding to the excitement, three new combat modifiers have been introduced, complementing the existing two. Explore them all below.
NEW! Dispersion at 100 m Reduced by 0.15 m
NEW! Time Remaining Visible When Spotted Reduced from 10 s to 3 s
NEW! Proximity Spotting Radius Reduced from 50 m to 25 m
Vehicle HP Increased by 25%
Consuambles Cooldown Time Reduced from 90 s to 45 s
Remember that these modifiers operate exclusively in Onslaught and do not impact other game modes. They will be automatically active from the first battle.

Join the Common Test and prepare to emerge victorious in the Season of the Crimson Pegasus!


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