19 thoughts on “Is World of Tanks Rigged?

  1. holy shit, he’s like the kid that got his mother to talk to your mother when he wasn’t allowed to play ball with everyone else

    6 bans and he still didn’t get the message

    I’m glad the internet exists so he can make money somehow

  2. Actually chems makes a very accessible and understandable research and calculations to prove the point that WoT is in fact not rigged in any way and tin-foil-hatters should keep silence.

      1. No, it isnt. Its basic high school math and logic. The fact that many WoT fans are averse to both is sad.
        He is 100% correct in his video.

        1. Statistics is by no means “basic high school math.” In fact, my statistics professor recounted a recent instance (i.e., within last decade or so) when career statisticians had convened to officially define a p-value. Yes, you heard me correct: p-value. In fact, Columbia University has a page on how the p-value can be interpreted in FOUR ways. Furthermore, the same page even admits top researchers “routinely misinterpret p-values.”

          As expected from the lay, your understanding is too simplistic and likely confounded by confirmation bias. Again, if multiple WELL-TRAINED/WELL-EDUCATED researchers have difficulty understanding a topic, chances are there’s more to the story.

    1. Most people, including yourself, do not realize inferential statistics is very controversial. For example, it was only recently when professional statisticians convened to officially define “p-value.” This is corroborated by Dr. Andrew Gelman from Columbia University who stated p-value can be interpreted in 4 ways. Yes, FOUR ways. Additionally, he draws on two other authors who admit “even top researchers routinely misinterpret p-values.”

      Tl;dr if MULTIPLE well-educated researchers have difficulty understanding something, then I highly doubt the lay (much less a YouTuber) to be the definitive expert for “proving” anything.

  3. Its correct from his perspective that he is so awesome and he is trying to prove that.

    Topic 1 RU bias: is it true that now there is no clear bias – yes, was RU bias present in past, ofc and that was easy to prove, did he look in the past, ofc he didnt.

    Topic 2 CC rng: do they have special rng, nah they dont need that if they have special mm, do they have special mm i dont know, but if someone want to check that its way more easier and important then anything else.

    Topic 4 mercy shots: he didnt include HE lol, i stopped watching there…

    1. Exactly, dude trying to debunk how russian bias isn’t a thing in 2023 had me laughing in stitches. It is very hard to take someone seriously who as a first segment on his awesome debunking video, is addressing a “theory” that hasnt been relevant for what 8 years now. Russian bias was a thing and anyone who actually played the game back then knows it, it however has not been a thing for quite sometime and is in fact ancient history.

      Also, the main thing he fails to adress is CC’s getting suspiciously good MM which enables them to perform very well. You are hard pressed to find a game for someone like his daki whose dick this 4th grade shitty troll sucks where he gets several games with 5 and more teammates doing 0 dmg and the rest doing barely 1-2 shots. It’s not because he is so good at the game, it’s because unlike us plebs CC get preferential MM, a skill based MM if you will which gives them opportunities to shine and this is completely trivial for WG to do, absolutely no need for RNG adjustments when you get equally bad teams whenever it wont take the MM 2 minutes to find a game where your “skill” gets to shine and promote the game to tards watching twitch.

  4. Of course it is rigged.
    Random in name but not reality.
    The fact there is a match maker with fucking rules means it is not random.
    Despite what forum wankers tell you.

  5. People who think WoT is rigged are the same people who think everything in life is rigged against them and it prevents from unleashing their full potential. They’re the real life counterparts of isekai protagonists.

    1. People who think WoT is not rigged are same people who think everything in life is random and coincidence. They also believe in Santa Claus.

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