WoT RU: Full List of Tanks in 2024 Loot Boxes

Well, here is the long-awaited move from Lesta, which simply amazes everyone with its madness and scale! Clearly, no one expected such tanks in boxes… It seems that the developers are planning record revenue for the entire existence of the game. How can players resist this?

Stage 1:

  • Type 63
    – A good tank with a strong turret and pleasant elevation angles. It will occupy some hill and will stand to humiliate itsopponents.
  • Sapsan
    IS-3 with reverse auto-reloading mechanism. Inaccurate, but the drum has 3 shells. The tank is not for everyone.
  • K-91-122
    is a brand new tier 9 medium tank. Average for the game.
  • Tl-1 LPC
    – Junk. If you knock it out, don’t even blow the dust off it, save your nerves.
  • Jagatider pr.
    – a fiery TD gun of the 8th tier with 490 alpha per shot, with enormous penetration and good accuracy. The hull is covered with cardboard, but the upper part is quite tankable. Many people will like the tank and it will be a pleasure to shoot from it!

Stage 2:

  • KV-4 Turchaninov
    is a tier 8 heavy. Very slow, but with a reloading drum for 3 shells of 320 damage. Looks like boring, useless junk.
  • Char AP58
    is a heavy Frenchman of the 8th tier. A good credit farmer – as much as 243 penetrations with a basic projectile, no gold needed at all. The hull is cardboard, the turret is okay. Just a good tank.
  • Obj. 780
    – Great heavy with a good gun, but it burns often.
  • Lion
    – A very complex tank with a capricious weapon, many will not like it.
  • Kampfpanzer 07 P(E)
    is an excellent heavy! The gun is a bomb, the speed is fire, the armor is quite good.

Stage 3:

Waffenträger E 100
– yes, that same legendary tank with a drum for 5 shells has returned home. In the current random game, it no longer seems so scary, a huge cardboard shed.

Secret tank! Golden Waffenträger E 100 So someone’s funny joke became a reality. A golden Waffentragger called “Squire” will soon be rolling around randomly in the hands of the game’s most avid donors.


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        1. Thats bullshit 😂 only RU player which transfered there acc to eu3 and 4 region can play with eu1 and 2 players.
          More than 2mio players come from RU server to EU. RU server hosted by Lesta Money shit all other are WG without RU what is really great

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