WoT: Holiday Ops Highlights – 5 Tips to Seize the Juiciest Rewards

Holiday Ops 2024 steals the spotlight in World of Tanks, featuring the charismatic Vinnie Jones as our shining guest star. To ensure you make the most of this festive season, we’ve prepared a quick guide outlining the top five event tips to help you maximize your rewards. Let’s unwrap the juiciest goodies together!

#1: Boost Your Festive Atmosphere for a Host of In-Game Goodies

  • Welcome Gift! Upon stepping into your Village for the first time, you’ll instantly discover a new addition to your arsenal: the brand-new Pzw.39, a Tier III Premium Czechoslovakian light tank. It comes with a 100% trained crew and a Garage slot.
  • Increase Your Festive Atmosphere for More Rewards! Unlock valuable in-game goodies at each new level. Seize this opportunity to stock up on Personal Reserves, national and universal blueprint fragments, Crew Books, special crew members, and much more.
  • Grab a Fresh Festive 2D Style at Festive Atmosphere Level X! It features unique Marks of Excellence on its gun.

#2: Complete Missions and Assignments From Vinnie to Get Unique Customizations and Bonuses

The legendary Vinnie Jones has prepared two types of tasks for you: 28 combat missions (to be carried out in battles) and 20 Assignments (to be completed with resources).

Holiday Ops Challenge: Missions From Vinnie Jones

All missions are cumulative and can be fulfilled at the same time in Random Battles. Complete them to get Tech Tree vehicle discounts, Gift Terminal Tokens, and unique Vinnie-inspired prizes, including the following:

  • A special medal, cool decals, and inscriptions
  • The stunning In the Crosshairs 2D style, featuring special Marks of Excellence
  • Vinnie Jones himself as a tank commander with an exclusive voiceover


Additionally, Vinnie provides you with special quests called Assignments. As you progress through them, you will receive exclusive customizations from him (including two additional 2D styles with unique Marks of Excellence), as well as credit and XP bonuses.

#3: Increase Your Rewards With Fresh Chaffee’s Bundles

Rediscover the companionship of your old friend, Chaffee the dog, when you reach Festive Atmosphere Level II! Get ready for an abundance of rewards—this is one of the standout features of Holiday Ops 2024!

  • Chaffee thanks you with in-game goodies when you complete his easy daily missions, starting with one Sack per mission. You’re assured of getting up to three Sacks with rewards each day.
  • Treat Chaffee to Bundles of dog-friendly items by spending in-game currency, and you’ll get an extra Sack for every completed mission.

Note: With three Bundles available, you can accumulate up to four Sacks per mission or a maximum of 12 Sacks each day. Just picture the cascade of rewards awaiting you throughout the entire event!

#4: Receive Extra Items From the Holiday Ops Store and Gift Terminal

Discover the Holiday Ops Store at Festive Atmosphere Level X!

Here you can purchase festive customizations from past events (from 2018 through 2023, including Bro-Wards and Redshire Cat’s items from 2023) using resources. Enjoy proportional discounts based on your existing collection!

Gifts Galore at the Gift Terminal

Never enough rewards! Insert earned Tokens into the Gift Terminal for random presents. Each Token grants you a surprise gift, including valuable Experimental Equipment or its components, below!

  • Components for Experimental Equipment
  • Fire-Control System
  • Mobility Improvement System
  • Survival Improvement Suite

#5: Unwrap Your Presents From Large Boxes

Select from four types, all filled to the brim with valuable in-game items. From these boxes, you may obtain the following:

  • 5 high-tier vehicles, including two brand-new Tier IXs
  • 10 incredible 3D styles for 10 popular vehicles
  • Gold, days of WoT Premium Account, and more!

Pro tip: Unlock a free box by opening 12 doors in the Advent Calendar—one door for each day!

Want to learn everything about Holiday Ops features and all the unique rewards? Check out the event guide for a comprehensive overview of all the details!

Bask in the holiday spirit and relish the cool rewards awaiting you in our most dazzling event, Commanders!

Roll Out!

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