WoT: “Guardian of the Skies” 3D Style For AE Phase I

Guardian of the skies –
It’s a cloudy night, but the light of a single star still breaks through the clouds. Patrolmen occasionally cut through the darkness with spotlights. Wandering around here and there doesn’t bring much joy, but it’s better than waiting in the dark with the others for the order to attack. The star in the sky seemed to become brighter. There is a depressing atmosphere in the camp. It’s scary, but no one shows it. Everyone is relying on the Guardians. Now they need to quickly, and most importantly, secretly prepare their trump card in the fight against the Scourge – plasma guns. Destructive, but very fragile weapon. The soft light seems to begin to flicker. Those on the other side cannot even imagine the consequences of such an attack. You just need to get the right to fire the first shot, after which the enemy will never recover. Something has changed. Star. It was yellow, now it’s scarlet. Target designator. All this time they themselves were the target…
The operator pressed the button. There were 10 seconds left before the missile strike.

Fictional. Group: Special. Those. price: 5000 gold. Maximum per account: 1. Only for tank: AE Phase I. ID: 834.

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