WoT: “Good Old” 3D Style For Cobra

Good old –
Here is a truly mesmerizing piece of gunsmithing where art meets functionality. This exquisite weapon combines precision and versatility, seamlessly transitioning between rifled bullets and shot. Its timeless elegance, topped with exquisite engraving, embodies uncompromisingly fine handcraft. This masterpiece was the most faithful companion of the previous owner, who, by the nature of the work, treated it with great tenderness and care. Its stock can withstand the harshest conditions. All mechanisms are lubricated, well maintained and work flawlessly.

Fictional. Group: Special. Those. price: 5000 gold. Maximum per account: 1. Only for tank: Cobra. ID: 848.

5 thoughts on “WoT: “Good Old” 3D Style For Cobra

      1. The only skin i was reasonably hyped – but only with the christmas-lights like in the event pictures… but without them? No thanks…

        Also: all skins are missing track fenders. Wtf?

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